Channel 6

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An alien encounter through the satellite system connecting through the thought process.

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



The orbit was ordinary, ours a body found within a spinning space called 'galaxy' by the others now fully known to us. It was a time of thought, which was of daily routine, that of 'rise and shine' while going about the natural situation which they named 'life,' that on a 'day' upon the only habital place known, that we each and everyone of us had a 'vision.'

The word was as strange as that which came with it. And we saw in our minds at the exact moment in time, odd and disquieting creatures. Unlike us they had two eyes, one two many, and something strange protruding from the center of their face. 'Ugly' they were in their newness, which we knew would pass. Then a voice in our mind spoke, 'human race.'

As we stood together all agog, we watched then what was spoken of, called 'auto-race.' And there they were in fast moving things containing their soft and vunerable bodies, spinning in a circle going nowhere to be seen.

And we of Alpha Zeta 10000913 gathered together in a meeing to discuss what we were seeing. One of the most wise stood up and began speaking of what we were being shown.

"It is the infinate coming through upon channel 6...found upon the satellite... hidden from our sight."

Another stood and spoke, "I don't like what I am seeing on channel six...the human races is silly and rather pointless."

And the wise one answered, "very well...and I agree. I will propose that we end the time travel device design. And as for the rest of you, I suggest you change from channel 6 to channel 9..."

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