God Dominant

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What non-Christian men take away from Christian religion.

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



The foundation of the Christian religion is simply the basic truth to them; it is that the Source of existence chose a man to be known upon the Earth as the ultimate diety of creation.This all Christians must believe to call themselves a Christian.

The notion being to 'believeth in HE.' This is the fundemental text of the New Testament; the words and deeds attributed to Jesus christ are irrelevant.

What non-Christian men, those who have never attended chruch or have opened a bible, understand from the knowledge of Christianity as they know it, is, men are superior to women, especially when it comes to the human mind and all things of the spirit.

Of course men will embrace this, incorrect as it is, the idea that you are better than the opposite sex is very enticing. So the male 'set on high' is met in Jesus christ.

Now ponder what abuse large and small was rendered upon women because of the Christian religion, that which reaches  well beyond  the boundry of the Christian institution itself.

Christianity is merely another god dominant religion, albeit more subtle through the 'gentle' christ.

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