Less Than Merry

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A tale of the first woman jester.

Submitted: July 06, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018



It was such a challenge, that I could not resist. The opening for the position of court jester was announced within my township as the Crier declared it, "to all and any man, he who seeks to amuse the King...come upon this day, and show his majesty your ability, for full employ if you obtain his favor."

The trouble was, the last jester offended, and our goodly king did more than sack him, he went with 'off with his head.' And must I say it was not a pretty result. I decided to apply, I knew others would be there, hoping to fill his shoes, for when a jester was chosen by the king he would recieve mounds of gold and applause.

But my desire was different, for I would try to amuse a king who was less than kind, as a woman disguised as a man. On the day of audition I dressed in the clothing of a male, I had cut my hair into a bob, and thinking as another I made my way to the castle.

Once there,I spied jugglers and dancers, all sorts of prancers, men who would perform before the king and his court of chosen. And when my time came the name I had given was called, "ROB."

As I stood before the king I thought of everything that I could never do, for I was a woman. And after a moment of silence I gave a deep and thought filled bow before a throne of now and never.

And then I spoke the first true jest as she and her words became jokes. And as he listened the king was not amused, for 'off with your head' types are far from wise. It was only when those about him did laugh that he joined them in their laughter. And it was found within my mockery, that they also held him in contempt.

I was hired that day as a woman who was learning at  play, and I realized that a king is nothing without his court. I bowed before him for only a moment,and leaving my costume behind I returned to my life, less of riches than I might have been, but so much the wiser.

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