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Demonic beings rise from an ancient burial site.

Crawling out of the now unhallowed ground, it struggled to break free, tunneling upward.

It was a place where a battlefield had once been where blood and gore from many bodies

was spilled, and then saturated, sinking deep into the soil.

Long ago it was human, at a time when the seven acres of the place was an ancient burial site.

Making its way towards the surface, it paused, feeling the heat of those above it, a pulsing warmth

it was drawn towards. Moving again and coming closer to its release, it could now smell blood as it

coursed through human veins.

Breaking through the final barrier, its eyeless sockets stared before it, the nearly fleshless skull

turned about, searching. Pulling itself free from the last of the earth that held it, it stood.

Muscle that was now only dried sinew, still clung to its rock hard bones. The claw like fingers flexed,

and opening its jaws, the razor sharp incisors reflected the full moons light.

It stood, silent and sensing, reaching for a direction; turning it headed towards the town.

Its hunger was of a rabid, ravenous beast, driving it forward. As it made for the first house, the

second of them began to ascend, climbing upward.

The burial ground containing hundreds of bodies from an ancient village, trembled as if there was an

earthquake as the eyeless beings stirred.

As the door to the house it was drawn to was shattered into splinters, a third underground

began to awaken; soon the night feed would begin.





Submitted: November 10, 2017

© Copyright 2023 LE. Berry. All rights reserved.

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Gypsy Rose

Love the story.

Sun, February 21st, 2021 1:50pm


Thank you so much Gypsy Rose!

Tue, February 23rd, 2021 11:19am

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