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Death tells of his 'life' from his perspective.

Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



  Fear inspiring, swave, dapper of brain. Clever enough to play a decent game of chess, yet not wise enough to realize when I'm being duped.

  Me, Death, the 'Grim Guy.' I've been called an angel, and it makes' ya' wonder, how do you get that actual gig? Those guardians were human once and they had to die to to become one, how can death die? I like the title though.

  Any who, just so we are clear, I NEVER took a holiday. I believe some brainy types have the stats about how often someone will meet me. It's like every three minutes, or three seconds...I tend to forget because I hate math and the calculation of time. It's a whole 'Hour Glass' thing. DON'T get me started, whether it's seconds or minutes, that is NOT a vacation.

  When It comes to my name, I prefer Reaper as a singular, but many of you prefer to call me grim as well. And may I point out that it is actually your issue people, what with all your violence and wars and junk. I am not grim when met within the proper context of peace that is an actual part of life. Old persons have welcomed me with a smile, that is the space where I groove.

  One final thing, FYI, do you know what reaping is? It is the harvesting of what is meant for new life to continue upon the earth.

  And my name in harmony is Reaper.

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