The Enchanted Forest

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Five magical beings search for their lost home
(before hand I want to apologize if the sentence and paragraph structure is off, I've been experiencing formatting difficulties.)

Submitted: December 12, 2018

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Submitted: December 12, 2018



A leprechaun, an elf, a fairy, a nome and a hobbit walked into a bar. Gazing about, the leprechaun spotted a man as he stood behind the counter, his back facing them. Turning to his companions he gave a wave to him, "he might be the one to say, he's the pub keeper...they always know the way about." With nods from the four they went to him, "excuse us sir..." Turning, the bar tender stared blankly down at the odd appearing five. The leprechaun being the eldest and the most eloquent among them smiled up at the man, "good day sir! We was wondering if ya' knew the way to the Enchanted Forest?" The bartender glanced between them, "we're'd you clowns get in?" The leprechaun gave a nod to the fairy, "fairy magic locks can barrier it." The bar tender frowned, "in this country that's called breaking and entering. Just where do you come from where it isn't pal...huh?" The five gave a wistful sigh as the leprechaun answered, "that's just it sir...somehow we lost our way home. We've joined together from a different part of the forest to find it again." Crossing his arms the bartender frowned, "I asked what country you're from..." The leprechaun gave a small shake of his head, "we don't belong to no country sir...we belong to the land...and ours is within the Enchanted Forest." The bartender smirked, "right" while thinking 'where's the circus.' The leprechaun smiled, "we was wondering if you would be kind enough to provide us with direction. It is well known that all pub keepers have a fine sense of knowin' the way's in their spirits."

With the truth of the leprechaun, his sincere smile and unassuming manner, well, lets just say that the spell of it all was quite catching, and after a moment the bartender gave. " guys are in it? The only forest that I know of is in Central Park." Smiles emerged upon five faces as the leprechaun beamed, "central is it? Sounds just right! Thank ya' kindly sir...ya' have our forever gratitude. Can ya' be obliged to be pointin' the way then?"

He gave precise directions as all fine pub keepers can, and as they headed out the five garnered glances from the jaded, soon coming upon the forest glen. Standing together the gazed at the autumn trees, lovely as ever in the gentle breeze. Watching as they let go of their leaves; the fluttering trickle graceful beauty to behold. And as he saw the leprechaun smiled, "just as fallin' gold. The elf though frowned a bit, giving a shake of his head, "don't seem like the right forest a'tall...not near as I remember it."

Everywhere there were people walking and jogging, the majority were staring at the screens of phones. The nome piped up, "they do an' all seem to be under some kind of enchantment." As the others nodded in agreement, the leprechaun led the way forward, "come on lads...might be the sign we've been seekin'.

They went about the park mostly unnoticed, believing now that the entrancement enchantment spell had been cast by some grand wizard who had managed to keep the portal to home hidden from people, but not them. Not long after they stumbled upon it, the swirling spiral entrance of rainbow colors welcoming them in.

With happy smiles the five stepped inside finding once again, the Enchanted Forest, they place they called home.

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