Wishfulfilled Spirit

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A tale of the power of positive thinking which keeps you going...literally.

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



  So cold, it's the air about me, chilly! Must be the beginning of fall, even though it's the first week of September. Still, I think winter is coming early this year, and that means holiday shopping. Man, do I hate it, that mall, and all the mall crowd. Ugh. I really should shop online, but it seems so, I don't know, is the word 'impersonal' ? Like a mall is any better; you just can't win.

Any hoo, the sudden impact had me shaken for a few moments, it was the extra hard landing, but once you hit the runway, it's 'whew!' And as I stood outside the smoking plane, I thought of the shifting reality, of what you want and expect to happen, and of what actually does.

  I think I remember that I read somewhere of the actual term which describes the reaction. It was the 'god complex' something or other, where we all believe at times that we can set our own course, and that everything will go our way just as we would want it to be and it's a good, stong, self fulfilling place.

  It's the 'happy reality' human beings depend upon to, you know, keep going everyday. To walk outside the safety of our homes with confidence, meeting the doorstep, and then the street. To get inside our transport, trains, buses, autos in complete security, and at the best of times, doing it with a smile on our lips.

  The plane I took this morning, just a short hop I've done many times, didn't suddenly fall from the sky when I was half asleep. I'm not dead, I didn't die. It's the cold air around me, it's not coming from me. I didn't die.

  And as far as you not seeing me people, that's nothing new, the real me has always been invisable, it's just the way of life within the heart of human society,and I've always accepted it, it's how I achieved my success. I'm not dead. 


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