Close your eyes and follow me

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not really a poem or a story, just another rant spose.

Submitted: April 06, 2010

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Submitted: April 06, 2010



There's a little girl inside of me. And she goes by the name of Ellie-Mai.

Ellie Mai wont let me move on. She wants me to be in 'our little world' where all the magic and the fairytales are alive. Where the rain falls down as rose petals, and the wind blows up all the fairydust and carries you in it's arms. Where the sun shines with all the magic and all the love that a child could possibly need. Where the rainbow has a beginning and an end, and when you walk along the rainbow all the colours that you could ever imagine shine brightly over your face... So brightly that you dont just see them, but you feel them. And when the snow falls down and melts on your face, you feel the warmth of christmas and you come alive.

Ellie-Mai screams at me to fall asleep. She says 'Come with me Leanne. Come into the dream.' As the day goes on she will whisper to me of all the sweet thoughts that fall into her head. But my little Ellie-Mai refuses to open her eyes. She refuses to look at reality. She refuses to understand that the dreams and hopes, the magic and the fairytales just don't exist in the world that I live in. I try to move on without her, but it doesn't work. I've tried to walk, to fly, to run, to hide - but then it happens...

The magical world turns to hell.

She reminds me that in this world, when the rain falls down, it's sour to the touch. She reminds me that the wind carries knives in it's arms, and when it blows it cuts through every inch of your body. She reminds me that the sun sets your soul on fire and it burns away your every strength leaving you weak. She reminds me that when the snow falls, it berries you with it and freezes you so badly that you can't even dream. She reminds me that there is no rainbow, there are no colours that are filled with magic. She remind me that at present the only colours I feel are the blacks, the blues, the purples, greens and yellows.

She reminds me of the screams I made for help. She reminds me that there is no help. There is no one. She says the only way to survive is to be on your own.

'So come with me Leanne. Close your eyes and follow me.'

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