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sitting on most children's beds can be found something amazing something fluffy warm strong and brave a friend. for when the days seem dark to laugh with and hold to bring them sweet dreams. this
particular item comes in many different sizes and variety's wearing different things or even nothing at all. this item has guarded the dreams of little ones across the globe for many many years.
this item goes by one name and by many this item is called a teddy bear lights in the dark companions to keep the clouds away and the sun shining bright smiling faces always. teddy bears have been
the guardians of children since the day the first one was stuffed and pulled from the assembly line trusted guardians of all those who receive them they remain at their post ever vigilante now and
always one bear for the start of our story has just been handed to his new charge a bear who now goes by the name Alister black thick fur covering his fluffy little frame and a small hammer in his
hand this bear was created to serve his new master until his days are through together they'll forge a bond of friendship and strength partners now and always in the battle against the darkness
this is the story of a boy and his bear and a few others who are going to be pulled into a world unlike any they could ever imagine be ready and keep your wits about you and welcome

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Submitted: September 30, 2017

Micheal had just turned 10 and for this birthday he wanted something a bit strange this year he asked his mother and father. for a teddy ... Read Chapter