The Voice Unspoken

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Voices unspoken wish to make friends but everyone ignores these sad people

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012



The voice unspoken is the most saddest voice of all

The sad part is the voice unspoken belongs to the lonely and timid people who are desperately looking for friends

The voice unspoken is the loneliest of all from the crowd of voices

Voices are a part of life for everyone else but the sad and lonely voice knows its different from everyone else

Like leaves on a tree the voice unspoken is the only leaf that falls off

Everyone just ignores the lonely person as if they were just a ghost

This person is longing for friends they cry and wish they would die when they get home

They wish someone would just please open up to them and make their heart fly into happiness

 Voices unspoken are all desperately crying for love but nobody cares for them


People just walk past these lonely people like if they were nothing

Voices spoken resemble a pack of wolves but sadly the innocent lonely unspoken voices resemble a loner wolf with no pack

Voices unspoken are like a violet growing alone but spoken voices are like a field of sunflowers

Voices unspoken always listen to what their heart tells them and stay true to them selves

Voices spoken could lie,hurt feelings and don't even stay true to themselves or others 

Even so the unspoken voice is still the saddest and loneliest one of all\"\"




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