The Tinder Timber

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Plants don't just have feelings. They have fiery ones.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



==Written together with JackPlok==

Wrecked by flames. Those burning embers engulf me. I'm being burnt alive. I'm slowly fuelling the hungry fiery tongues. They throw more firewood, some kindling.

"LEAF ME ALONE" maybe I shouldn't be doing that in such times of crisis.

I'm at the bottom of the pit. I can't help but watch my other friends get heated up and turn to dust.

Those fools. A person did the right thing by pouring that bucket of water on top of the fire pit. Good job! It's great you burnt those other people, they deserved it.

I didn't need to be part of this. I'm but a dying piece of log, sliced and chopped and placed in this ridiculous fire pit.

Have fun getting wrecked guys, I'm just going to return back to my children in the soil, keeping them alive and healthy.

A wild human frolics around and takes me back. I scream inside of me as that ... thing ... drags me away. I cry inside of me, worried sick of my children. As the fats engulf me, I let out my last breath as he throws me back into the pit of fire. As if to mock at me, the fire is burning with its own fats. Out of breath, I look around for my children, but all I see is fats. Sorry, my children, I have failed.

The grass patch around me used to be my home. I failed protecting it, I’m getting destroyed, and yet I’m fuelling its destruction. My children scream out to me from underground.

“If it’s for a good cause, then it's alright.”

But no. It wasn’t. I was the cause of this destruction.

“HAHA watch it burn! My steak is finally marinaded! Time to set it over here!”

These ghastly things. THE AUDACITY to use me as a source of their fun. HOW DARE THEY use me for their personal desires? THEY SHALL PAY for using me to cook their food. THEY WILL FALL TOGETHER WITH ME after using me to fuel their very existence in this world.

My children. Wait for me. I'll be back. I'll return. I WILL COME HOME TO DESTROY THESE CREATURES.

I shalt. Kids, wait for me. I'll be back SOON.

As the fire continues to burn on me, I quickly think up of a plan. If you can't beat them, join them. "YES! I will USE the fire!" I thought. I would do anything to protect my home, my children, from these things, if it meant my death. These things use us, burn us, for their own selfish needs. And what do they repay us? Yes, they extinguish us, but for what? We are already burnt up to ashes, left drifting in the air. Even if one manages to survive, we'll be dumped into our home pathetically. We are left helpless, unable to contribute anything to our home. So, we have to fight, WE HAVE TO.

I unleash my rage onto the fire on me. Slowly but surely, the fire on me starts expanding. Soon, I have attracted everything's attention, as they all stare at me, amazed. Unfortunately for them, this is not for spectating. The fire on me starts lashing onto the things, setting one of their bodily accessories, or shirts I believe they call it. The things start screaming, splashing water everywhere. Things were in a chaos...

I watch those pathetic things burn. Now they know what it feels like to be burnt. They talk about getting burnt like it's some kind of joke. Some even call it flaming. So much for what they call the modern English language with all their weird terms that nobody understands.

They screech. They shriek. They bawl. So much for all that talk about animal cruelty. Why don't you guys ever talk about plant cruelty? You mean we don't have feelings too??? We are like the best. We make our own food FROM SUNLIGHT. We take the carbon dioxide out of this disastrous air. We are eating all your waste. AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY US???

You annoy me. You irritate me. You disgust me. I'm smoking hot and what are you guys? NOT EVEN CLOSE. You think stop drop and rolling is all you need to stop my rage? THINK AGAIN. Trust you to be called the most intelligent species on the earth...

As those fiery figures continue to burn, I see my children again. Their eyes were filled with tears of terror.

"Stop, stop..." I hear them pleading to me.

At that moment, time paused. My soul cracked at the sight of their tearful faces. Which child has to experience this horrifying scene, to see their daddy burning in front of them, unleashing fire onto things? They could be happily playing under the sun, or just relax, basking in the day. But no, they are trapped in a make-shift hole, helpless to help solve the problem. All they could do was to beg of it to stop. If it was not for those things, we could have been happy, been RELAXED, BEEN SAFE!

Now I'm caught in a dilemma. To stop this fire, or to continue on with this fuming rampage of mine. I could destroy those beasts, or I could put an end to it. To destroy them together with me, or just destroy myself. Both ways, I would meet my creator and leave myself back to the very Earth that nurtured me. Why must you leave me with such a choice? Why must you put me in such a situation? WHY WHY WHY?????

I watched those monsters burn. I watch my friends burn. We don't deserve to be wrecked by these barbarians. We don't deserve to killed by those things. First they fell us, then they burn us, then they just treat us like a pile of mess.


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