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And he will always be by your side.

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



Today you walked down the aisle, hand in hand with him to meet your significant other. Today was a happy day. Today was a happy day.

It was as if a cumulonimbous cloud had gathered in your eyes as the tears shrouded your vision, pouring uncontrollably, yet only momentarily. You just wanted him to hold you tight, never letting go. At this point you were confused as to whether they were tears of joy, or tears of sadness.

You were, after all, leaving the family to a faraway land to live in another. Yet you were going to live with the love of your life, the guy that came into your life when you most needed someone beside you. The guy that stayed in with you. Not the guy you could live with, but the guy you couldn't live without. And today you will be officially wed.

As you arrived at the front, you stared back at him, and you tried to grab hold but caught air. He wasn't there. He had been gone for 2 months.

Before the preacher could start, you heard his voice.

"Remember how we used to sit under the stars and talk about the constellations. You told me that you could see them, the aliens fighting in the space above us. You asked me why we were afraid of an alien invasion, and before I could answer you told me that they were defending us from other things.

Remember that time when you fell down, you probably won't remember since you fell down so many times. Unlike other kids you found falling down funny, and perhaps that's why you kept falling down. So my son-in-law, that's perhaps how she fell for you, but I have faith that you will take care of her.

In my absence, I hope that you, my daughter, will stop worrying about me. Yes I may be gone physically, but I'll always be there with you, like how you held my hand and walked down the aisle. Like how I let go of you, 'cos we all need to learn to let go. To move on. Remember I will always be there, beside you.

So son-in-law, do you take my daughter as your wedded wife, and be sure to love and cherish, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, from this day forward?"

And he said yes.

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