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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Annabelle has been with the circus all of her life, she was born in the circus, but will she die in the circus?

Annabelle’s POV

I yawned tiredly, Mum had me up late helping the acrobats learn a new routine, I got dressed into some white shorts and a red tank top then ate a bowl a cereal.

I had a small little caravan to my self, I even had an old car to move it around with, this morning I had to help the acrobats again.

We had a Show in Glitterdale tomorrow and one of the acrobats just kept forgetting what comes after the twirl in the air.

I headed to the tent where the acrobats were waiting, it took me around five hours to get all the acrobats to remember the routine then Mum had me feeding the tiger and helping Madison practice her magic tricks.

Then at around two in the afternoon I finally had some cheese and bacon sandwiches for lunch, but as soon as I finished them I had to help Madison again.

I spent the rest of the night helping Madison and Abigail, then at one in the morning I climbed into bed and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow, we really do work for our keep at the circus.

Today was my day off, but I still sat on the edge of the stage for the morning show, once the show was finished, the crowd bought stuff at all the different booths we had set up.

I brushed a strand of dark red hair back, my hair reached down to my waist and was always in the way, a guy with blonde hair and friendly green eyes came over to me ‘Hey, I’m Cody’.

I smiled ‘I’m Annabelle’, Cody nodded ‘What’s it like being in the circus?’, I shrugged and replied ‘Real hard work, everyday I have to help others perform, practice, help others practice, then I only get two meals a day, breakfast and lunch and last night I got to bed at one in the morning’.

Cody nodded, he said ‘Sounds worse than school’, ‘what’s school like?’ I asked Cody started to talk but Mum came over, she said to Cody ‘look, my daughter isn’t allowed to know anything of what something outside the circus is so don’t bother telling her!’, Mum stormed off in a huff.

I turned to Cody, he passed a cell phone to me ‘Know how to use it?’, I nodded, he said ‘its got my number, I’ll call you’, he left and I stuffed the cell phone in my pocket.

I spent the rest of the day in my caravan, at 6:42, Cody called.

Me: hello?

Cody: hey Annabelle!

Me: Hey Cody!, have a nice day?

Cody: yeah, way cool after I left the circus I got to ride home in the car with a screaming baby, a two year old brother drooling on my arm, a five year old sister moaning, a sixteen year old brother drooling on my other arm and a nineteen year old sister talking about the hot performers

Annabelle: I take it not very well then, I just stayed in my caravan all day, its my day off

Cody: cool, right, I’ll tell you what schools like now

School: in the morning the bell rings and everyone heads to their first class, there’s five classes a day, two in the morning, then morning break, one class then lunch then the last two classes.

In class a teacher will attempt to teach the class, while there will be a group of girls giggling and talking about some guy they think is hot, the guys will be teasing a smart kid and calling it nerd and the smart kids will be attempting to ignore the guys.

Then at lunch time, the popular girls will strut around like the own the place, the guys will play sports, the smart kids hang out in the library, the loners sit by themselves in secluded spots, the Goths hang out behind the gym

The popular girls go out with the guys who play sports all work on being more popular

Annabelle: wow, it sounds wonderful

Cody: Annabelle, you seem a nice girl, one day I’ll get you out of there but for now I have to go, bye

Annabelle: thanks and bye

I put the cell phone under my bed, then went to bed, I fell asleep smiling at the thought of Cody coming to save me from the circus, usually people escaped to the circus.

Madison had, she said life before the circus was horrible.

The next morning I woke up full of hope, I looked in the mirror at myself before getting dressed, I was kind of skinny, I got dressed into white short shorts, lime green tights, a white tank top and black ballet shoes.

I had two bowls of cereal for breakfast then headed to the acrobatic tent, I did five routines before Mum came in and started telling me what to do.

She had me feed the tiger again, help train the monkeys, help the acrobats practice, then help Madison, at two in the afternoon I had spaghetti for lunch, then spent an hour perfecting acrobatic routines, then Mum came in she watched me practice for ten minutes then helped me learn how to ride a horse for and hour.

The we spent hours improving on my writing, at twelve I finally headed back to my caravan, I grabbed the cell phone, no new messages.

I had a bowl of cereal for a snack, the phone rang.

Annabelle: hello?

Cody: hey!, Annabelle!, have a good day?

Annabelle: I practiced acrobatics for awhile this morning, then fed the tiger, helped train the monkeys, helped the acrobats practice, helped Madison, had lunch, practiced acrobatics, Mum helped me practice acrobatics, then gave me lessons on Mabel the horse then we spent hours improving my writing, how about you?

Cody: today, my nineteen year old sister Jane whacked me one the head with the newspaper because I ate to much for breakfast, then the science teacher told me off for nearly setting the lab on fire, at morning break my mate Mattie stole my chocolate bar, so I stole his slice of cake at lunch, then after school I looked after my baby sister Belle and two year old brother Troy, had fish and chips for tea, did homework and called you

Annabelle: looks like we both had long days

Annabelle laughs

Cody: well mine wasn’t as long as yours I’m sure of that!

Annabelle: true true, can you call me in the morning?, I’m kind if tired

Cody: sure, bye

Annabelle: goodnight

I hid the phone under my bed again, then climbed in and got to sleep thinking about Cody, would he really come and get me?.

The next morning the phone rung a minute after I woke up, I grabbed it ‘Hello?’, Cody answered ‘Hey it’s Cody, cant talk for long, I’m driving, but I will see you soon!’, I blinked ‘Cool, hope you have a good day at school’.

Cody replied ‘You have a good day too, bye, got to go!’, ‘Bye’ I answered then he hung up, I hid the phone away and headed to the acrobatic tent.

On the way I ate a hotdog.

Cody’s POV

I put my foot on the accelerator as hard as I could, I was five minutes away from the circus, I had barely known her two days and yet I had to see her.

I pulled up outside the acrobatic tent, then walked inside, Annabelle ran to me, her violet eyes glittering, she laughed and hugged me.

I said quickly ‘Go pack your stuff, and bring it back here, I’m getting you out of here!’, Annabelle grinned like it was Christmas and ran off to pack her stuff.

Half an hour later she came back with a backpack and a trunk, I loaded them into the truck, she got in the passenger seat and off we went.

Annabelle chattered the whole way in about how grateful she was that I had came and saved her from living in the circus all her life.

I pulled up outside my house, then carried Annabelle’s stuff in, Mum said a couple of kind words to Annabelle, Annabelle looked around the house in wonder.

When the fax machine beeped, she leapt into my arms in fright, I put her on her feet and explained what a fax machine was and showed it to her.

She smiled, the smile lit up her whole face, I showed her the room she would be staying in, it had violet walls, black floor, a double bed with a lime green blankets in it, a chest of draws and a desk with a chair at it.

She thanked me again, then thanked Mum, then thanked dad, she even thanked Jane, we went to the school and enrolled her there, Mum made sure we had all the same classes so I could look after her.

Jane took Annabelle shopping for clothes, since Annabelle only had ballet shoes, shorts, tights, tank tops, sweaters and wrist bands.

That night for tea, Annabelle blended in with the family completely, Mum just treated her like she was one of her own daughters which I could tell Annabelle was enjoying.

That night I went to sleep grinning, happy I had helped someone in need out.

The next morning I woke up to the most wonderful singing, I put some jeans and a white shirt on and headed downstairs into the kitchen.

Annabelle was sitting on the table in jeans, a white t-shirt with ‘Hey, I’m not angry, I’m red haired’ on it, singing.

She was also holding Belle, Belle drifted off to sleep as I watched, Annabelle left the room to put Belle in her crib.

When she came back in she started cooking, I sat at the kitchen bench ‘Morning’, Annabelle turned to me, she smiled and replied ‘Good morning!’ then continued cooking.

She gave me a plate of bacon and eggs then went into Mum and Dads room and gave them a plate of bacon and eggs each and a coffee each, she even bought the daily paper to Dad along with the food.

Jane came in, along with my sixteen year old brother Anthony and five year old sister Lucy, Annabelle gave them a plate of bacon and eggs each, then sat down to eat her own breakfast.

Over the next month, Annabelle made everyone breakfast in the mornings, at school she learned heaps, made heaps of friends and even went to their place sometimes.

It was now Monday morning.

Annabelle was cooking breakfast, Dad was at the table reading the newspaper, while drinking coffee, Mum was playing with Belle who wouldn’t go to sleep and I was watching Annabelle.

I now loved her as much as I loved my brothers and sisters, she was like another sister, even Belle loved her, Mum gave up and handed Belle to Annabelle, Annabelle giggled.

Mum finished cooking breakfast while Annabelle fed a bottle of milk to Belle, sang to her then put her in her crib.

Annabelle suddenly looked pale, she leaned against the walk for support, Mum finished cooking breakfast, I nudged Dad and gestured to Annabelle, she was taking deep breathes, she was pale and still leaning against the wall.

Dad grabbed his car keys, he whispered something to Mum, Mum nodded, I said to Annabelle ‘Come one Annabelle’, I lead Annabelle out to Dads car and buckled her into the backseat.

I hopped in the passenger seat, by time we got to the hospital Annabelle had fallen asleep leaning against the car door.

I woke her up, me and Dad lead her into the hospital, a man came over ‘I’m Doctor Worth, how can I help you?’, Dad gestured to Annabelle.

She collapsed to the ground, Dr Worth took Annabelle into the ex-ray room, Annabelle had to stay in the hospital until they got the results.

Me, Jane and Belle stayed with her at al time, when she was awake Annabelle would tell us about all her friends at school.

Belle would sit next to Annabelle on the bed, at nine each night, Annabelle would sing to Belle, then me and Jane would take Belle home.

After a week of Annabelle being in the hospital, me, Mum, Jane and Dad had a meeting with Dr Worth, it wasn’t good news.

Dr Worth told us ‘Annabelle has cancer spread all through her body, nothing we can do about it either, she could die any day now, all we can do is make sure she’s happy’.

Me, Jane and Belle went to Annabelle’s room that night, Belle sat next to Annabelle on the bed like she always did.

Annabelle sang, she closed her eyes after a minute, she stopped singing and said ‘Thank you for letting me have a life, I love you’s all’, a tear slid down her cheek, she started singing again, but her singing got fainter and fainter until she took one deep breath and then she was gone.

Mum, Dad, Troy, Anthony and Lucy came in, we all cried, life wouldn’t be the same without Annabelle.

Submitted: October 05, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Leah Hails. All rights reserved.

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aw this is sad!

Sun, April 24th, 2011 2:54pm


Yeah, I know, everyone I show it to says that lol
thanx for commenting

Sun, April 24th, 2011 8:10am

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