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this is a story i wrote in high school about a girl with a troubled life.

Submitted: July 07, 2009

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Submitted: July 07, 2009



The wind blew fiercely ruffling the dried leafs around Anna's feet. She stood in the fading light of the day, a young girl of no more than fourteen, her long wavy hair and semi-short, plad uniform skirt floating around her slender body. Her pale blue eyes fixed on the one fear she possessed, the place she had called home until her mother committed suicide in the attic. she didn't know why she was standing there, hair blazing like a campfire in the fading light, nor did she remember how she got there. Anna hadn't been anywhere near the house since she moved in with the rich foster family that sent her to the private school who's crest was neatly stitched to her black blazer. in fact she had made a habit of taking the long way home as to bypass this place. Now she was disgusted to see that the beautiful shades of blue that she had picked out when she and her parents moved in had been replaced with a deep, hypnotic shade of rose red. The sun is almost set, i need to get home, Anna scolded herself. If she was late it meant punishment, which meant being locked in the crawl space under the stares all night. the wind had settled without her noticing so she was startled by the crunching noise as she took a step forward, and her knee high black-leather boot landed on a small pile of leafs. She looked up and her eyes fell on the house once more. What am i doing? She thought, taking another step, and another after that. her eyes transfixed on the front door that seemed to call out to her. Sarah is going to be pissed if i don't get home and make dinner! It didn't matter, her will could not break the spell the house had over her, and she continued up the walk her mother had made with cement and broken bricks found in the basement.As she reached the steps and began ascending to the porch the hypnosis broke and she saw her mother sitting on the porch swing with a little kid version of herself, like they always did at sunset. her mother was reading a thick book of fairy tales to her younger self. \"Does she get out?\" the child asked excitedly. We never finished that book, she remembered as the door creaked open and she stepped inside. As soon as the door slammed shut behind her, just brushing the nose of her panda bear backpack, she regretted entering. When she tried to open the door it was stuck tight, and when she went to the kitchen to try the back door it was gone. Anna stood next to the stove, staring at the blank wall were the back door had been. Who the hell would take out the back door? Deciding to try the basement way out, she walked to the door beside the fridge and grabbed the handle. She instantly released it with a yelp of pain, and examined her hand which was already bubbling in places due to a burn. \"Can I, can I, can I?\" Anna turned to watch the little girl, hop up and down while her mommy laughed. \"Alright, alright Anna, you can help make the cake.\" A tear stung her eye as Anna watched the fading image of the mother, raising her little birthday princess to sit on the counter. I remember we had to have the party inside cause of the storm that day. she turned back to the door, forgetting about the heat, and threw it open. As she saw a slow calm movement like water. Maybe the basement is flooded again, she flicked on the light and wished she hadn't. The basement was flooded all right, just not with water. Crimson blood filled about half of the room, the rest had a thick coat dripping from it. Anna's throat ran dry, her heart began to beat too fast, and so loud it rang in her ears. As she watched a ripple, as if something were moving just under the surface, came toward the stairs. \"No,\" it was a horse whisper, no power to it. Her body stiffened as the ripple reached the middle stair, where the pool of blood ended. Something began rising from the liquid. At first she thought it looked like a basketball. Yea, thats it! it's just a-, a scream tore through the silence like a dagger as Anna saw her mother's face rise from the pond of blood. It was distorted in agony, its matted hair dripping blood, it's mouth unhinged, and it's eyes sown shut. Slam! Anna threw the door shut as she fled the room, her heart still thudding in her ears. What the hell is going on here! She stopped in the entry hall again, and leaning against the front door, looked up to the landing where the stairway curves up to the second floor. There she stood four years old with pig-tails she did herself, dirty jeans, stained shirt, mud on her face, and a soft, pink stuffed rabbit in her small arms. \"Mommy, please come down. Why isn't daddy home from work yet?\" Her mother's cries floated down the stairs, and as the image began to fade she heard her mother yell, \"Go back outside, now!\" The last thing Anna saw was the little girl sit on the steps and start crying into her fluffy friend. \"I don't remember that.\" she mumbled, whipping away her own tears. Suddenly she felt something tugging on her back pack. She tried to pull away, but got about two steps when a violent jerk sent her crashing into the door again. Looking over her shoulder Anna screamed and shook the pack off. She turned to see two metal hands; protuding from the ugly stain glass picture on the door; shredding her bag along with it's holdings. Turning on a heel, the girl dashed up the stairs, quickly deciding she would crawl out a window and jump off the roof, its not all that high, just as she reached the landing the door to the basement was opened and Anna could hear the horrible scream from the before. As she turned the corner leading to her room the shoulder of her neat uniform jacket caught on a nail in the wall, the one that held a photo of her parents wedding until her mother took it into her room after the car crash. The sound of her jacket ripping along with the jolt when she was stopped made her scream and jump, causing the jacket to rip more. \"He he, just a nail.\" she muttered in a shaky voice. It took her five minutes to give up on freeing herself and slip the blazer off, \"Sarah is going to kill me,\" she told herself as she walked to her room, jumping when the floor boards creaked under her feet. by the time she reached her old door she had convinced herself that all that happened so far was merely her imagination, after all she did have some problem that Sarah was making her take pills for every morning. Her hands were clammy as Anna reached for the door handle, but she remembered the burn on her left hand and stopped. Nothing crazy is going on here , i should clean it at least. Across the hall was the small bathroom she had decorated in \"The Nightmare Before Christmas\" her favorite movie at the time. Anna stepped inside and turned the knob that read cold. Cool water burst from the tap, and as she let it run over her hand she noticed that it didn't sting at all. Pulling her hand out she saw no welts or anything that would show she had been burned. \"I really need to get out of here.\" She dashed across the hall and opened the door to her room. As Anna stepped inside she could hear crying. it was her again; the young girl was lying on her bed in a little black dress crying into her pillow. Daddy's funeral. \"Mommy!\" the girl yelled running from the room, this time Anna followed down the hall to her mother's room. The little one scrambled onto the large bed, and began shaking the woman lying there also crying and wearing black. \"Knock it off!\" Her mother pushed the girl away, causing her to tumble to the floor. As the image or at least that of the girl faded the little one sat up, crying once more. Anna took a step toward the woman still lying with her face in the pillow. As she moved closer Anna leaned down and reached one hand out to the woman. At first her mother simply laid there, crying, then her hand shot out gabbing Anna by her red and black neck tie. \"I said, knock it off!\" As her mother's head twisted and rose to face her Anna could hear the creaking and clanking of the creature's bones. The thing's face was skeletal, the deep sockets were empty where her green eyes should have been, and one cheek looked as though it was rotting away, just like it's hand. Anna pushed away from the bed hard, unable to scream, and thanked every god she was wearing her clip-on tie, as she fled the room. At the top of the stairs she turned, I'll break a window if I have to! but the thought was banished from her mind when she saw the disfigured thing from the basement crawling up the stairs like a crab. looking back she saw the other one stumbling down the hall. not thinking of any thing but escape Anna jumped, grabbing hold of the cord to the attic, and pulled the stairs down. the attic was cooler than the rest of the house, it always was. At the top of the stairs she turned and screamed at the creatures, \"You're not my mother! You're not her! You're-\" she turned back around and stared into her own eyes. \"Me...\" She mumbled in disbelief. Sprawled across the floor was Anna, fourteen years old, as though she had died exactly like her mother. Anna walked around the pool of blood that engulfed the body. kneeling by one hand she turned it to reveal the jagged cut along the veins in her wrist. She looked into the blank face, then over to the stairs where the two creatures now stood. They no longer resembled her mother but Anna herself, and between them was the four year old in the morbid dress. \"You're all...\" Her voice failed as the corpse on the floor sat up to look at her. \"Anna!\" they all screamed, \"Anna!\" \"Anna!\" This time the voice was that of Sarah, \"Anna, stay with me!\" Her eyes slowly opened and Anna found herself lying in the arms of her adopted mother. Following Sarah's tearful gaze she saw the powder white floor of her personal bathroom stained with the blood gently flowing from her own wrists, and the blade from the razor she broke lying in the puddle. Anna closed her eyes and spoke her last words, \"Sorry mommy...\"

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