Love her even if it hurts

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I had loved her even when I found our she hated me,even if she had every reason to.

Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013



Hi I am lee-ann,I'm 16 years old,dark brown hair with sun highlights and hazel brown eyes about 5'68\" tall.

We met in high school,I fell in love with her beautiful green eyes and bubbly personality,I think it was just everything about her.

Candy was her name we were both 16 years old and I was in love with her,my best friend...

I shared all my secrets with her except the fact that I loved her.

She fell in love with this douche bag dude who treated her like crap and each time I had to dry her tears and mend her heart...

Anyway it was that summer things went wrong...

\"I..I have to tell you something...\" I say to her barely audible. \"What did you say?\"She replied giving me her dimpled smile.\"I think I' love\"I said once again.She smiled at me once more before giving me a puzzled look.

\"I think I'm in love with...with you\" I say,watching as her smile turns sour.

I tried to ignore her for a while,just to let the feelings subside.To my worst fear it didn't.

I went to visit her and she wouldn't let me in her home she locked me outside and made me sit on the cold hard cement,maybe she had every right to.

Ever since I told her I loved her everything had changed she ignored me for an amount of time and she wouldn't hug me like she used to.

That all changed when we were going on a school trip together,we were three friends sitting on a small seat and she sat in the middle pressed tightly against me even tough there were enough space for her to sit comfortable without pressing against me.

As we were coming back from the trip that we had,she was looking at our photo's on her phone and I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful she looked and how much I would like to kiss her but she would surely slap me across the face,so I scratched that thought.

I tied my scarf around my forehead and pushed my phone next to my ear listening to my depressing music while looking at her she started laughing at me and wanted to take a picture but I didn't want her to so I hid my face with my hand so she grabbed my hand and held it softly for what seemed like ages,then I let her take the picture.

We had arranged a sleep over just the three of us. She wanted to watch Paranormal Activity 1-4 and Friday The 13th ,I don't really watch scary movies but for her I would do anything,so when Amy fell asleep,me and Candy were the only ones awake I cuddle next to her with the excuse that I was scared and she happily obliged holding me tightly.

I felt drowsy and fell asleep in her arms waking up to her watching me sleep I smile at her and she winked at me,I stretched and stood up to make us some hot chocolate and while I was standing in front of the kettle she grabbed me around my middle and hugged me,I turned around having to look down at her since she's a bit shorter than me and she kissed me.

\"You don't love me,you love Jake,I'm just a rebound\" I told her a tear streaming down my cheek she kissed my cheek where the tear leaved a wet trail looking into my eyes saying:\" I don't need him as long as I got you\" with those words I asked her to be mine and I kissed her again saying:\"I love you\",the three simple words.

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