the adventures of sonny and the snowman

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Sonny and the snowman once again are reunited with Oscar the owl and Daphne duck

The Adventures of sonny and the snowman

It was Christmas day and the house was filled with the smell of roast turkey and Christmas pudding mixed with delicious aromas of coffee and hot chocolate wafting through the air. Everyone was hurrying Sonny’s mother bustled in the kitchen just as Sonny was about to taste some of the hot pudding and custard sitting on the sill “there you are” she exclaimed her cheeks round and red she looked just like Mrs Clause. “Go upstairs to the attic and find the old mistletoe for me the one that sits over the front door and if there are any more decorations bring them too and candles, oh we must not forget the candles “ Well run along then”

Christmas was at Sonny’s house this year and guests were due to arrive in less than an hour mother was in a frenzy she wanted everything to be perfect . Aunt Vera and Sonny’s cousin were visiting and an old uncle Sonny had not seen in a long time.

The ladder to the attic creaked and groaned as Sonny let it down a cloud of dust came down with it sending Sonny into a fit of sneezing “archoo”

The attic smelt musty as Sonny rumaged through the many boxes piled up looking for candles and Christmas decorations he came across a box that was labeled  simply” snowman”. Sonny at once poured over the contents a thick grey coat very scruffy and old top hat black and an old tobacco pipe. He had intended to build another snowman last year however he fell ill and was confined to his bed the entire holidays.

The red scarf was hanging in Sonny’s wardrobe along with a pair of red woolen mittens perfect thought Sonny he intended to build his snowman as soon as possible. He was about to leave the house with the box in hand when his mother spotted him "there now go put the decorations up and the candles are to be placed on the table”

Sonny had forgotten the box of decorations and hurried back upstairs to collect it. “There” he said putting the box marked snowman down under the stairwell “ you will have to wait until tomorrow old friend” he whispered.

The visitors soon arrived and sonny had to spend the entire day with his dreaded cousin but wasn’t the spread just scrumptious a big fat roast turkey dumplings in plum sauce pudding and custard cake and cream with strawberries on the top. Once he had eaten all he could manage Sonny lay back in the enormous armchair which made his small frame look scrawny “what plans do you boys have for these holidays? asked mother Sonny was just about to scowl he quickly stopped when mother shot him a disapproving look.

Sonny disliked spending time with his cousin horrible boy thought Sonny he would have to find ways to dodge him all holidays he wasn’t including him in his snowman adventures that was for sure Sonny shuddered at the thought of it.

The next morning Sonny crept away at daybreak . He made his way up to the clearing with the box in hand. The place he selected to build the snowman was high up out of sight that way he would be safe from scroungers who might rob him of his clothing.

Sonny worked until ten then feeling peckish he made his way home, luckily his cousin was busy unpacking and mother was busy packing boxes " There you are could you take these boxes up to the attic please and after that check on your cousin see how he is settling in” Sonny grimaced but did as he was asked.

His Snowman was almost complete but Sonny had left the red scarf and mittens behind in his wardrobe he had meant to put them on before leaving this morning but was afraid to awake his cousin..

Mr snowman was now complete with his mittens and scarf “nice to see you again old friend” said Sonny " Its been a while" replied the snowman. Sonny had managed to escape out the back door to come up to visit the snowman and finish dressing him.

“Who are you talking too?” Sonny spun around to see his cousin standing there he must have followed him.

“No one” said Sonny” I heard a voice” his cousin persisted. “Must have been the wind” Sonny insisted but his cousin was not convinced” is that your snowman?” he enquired” Were you talking to him? “I always thought you were a bit mad.

“Its Mr snowman too you” said the snowman.

Sonny’s cousin looked around very scared” who said that it isn’t funny oh so you like playing jokes do you Il teach you” with that his cousin yanked at the snowman’s hat and flung it in the air Daphne duck who was hiding behind some shrub rushed at him with her wings flapping "quack, quack"  “ Your all mad” he yelled and run back down the clearing toward home with Daphne in pursuit nipping at his heels .

Sonny’s cousin returned home the next day he excused himself and told his aunt he wasn’t feeling very well . He thought he must be coming down with something and offered little explanation” Strange boy” said Sonny’s mother "did you have a fight?” "No, but he did mention that he was allergic to ducks” Sonny replied His mother had a perplexed look “I guess it will be lonely for you these holidays then?" Little did she know .

The next few weeks flew by with Sonny spending time with the Snowman and his new made friend Daphne duck when one day an owl flew down and landed on Sonny’s shoulder “ I am Oscar the owl” he informed Sonny offering a claw Sonny promptly shook it and replied”

“ Sonny, pleased to meet you” Are there any more of you asked Sonny ‘Yes there is Silver the  fox but you have to watch him he can be a little crafty and he is not particularly fond of humans” remarked Oscar he really was a very wise owl. “ I will keep that in mind “  replied Sonny curiously examining Oscar. He was  pale grey in colouring with a smattering of darker grey in his feathers andfrom under the plumage beamed two large eyes.

Sonny was really pleased he had made some new friends Oscar owl had taken up residence in the large tree over hanging his room so that he could perch on a limb just outside Sonny’s window and they could talk Oscar really was a wonderful listener and offered sound advice on almost any subject.

Each morning Sonny would walk up the hill to the clearing with Oscar on his shoulder and Daphne Duck at his heel but soon Winter would be over and Mr Snowman would melt Oscar would migrate south and Sonny would return to boarding school. Sonny felt sad knowing soon he would have to part ways with his friends but he took solace in the fact that he would make Mr snowman the very next year and Oscar owl would return. They would all be together again.

Submitted: December 02, 2012

© Copyright 2021 leanne gielens. All rights reserved.

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What a lovely story.

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 12:12pm


thankyou I thought it was fitting for the time of year

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 2:51pm

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