The Werewolf Who Fall In Love With Me!!!

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This story is about a Werewolf named Wyatt who fall in love with a human Girl named Emily and how she find's what is missing in her life and how there Love will save her.

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



(Emily’s P.O.V)

I was only 4 years old when my Mother & Father died in a car accident witch lifted me with my older Brother James, James took good care of me he made me go school and made me learn Self Defensive, nower days I have been living in the cabin in the wood's where my printers would take us on holidays James would go away a lot for work but he always made time to see me, he always felt bad for having to level me but for the day I had him for myself and that made me every happy but just then James got a call on he’s work phone to no Surprise he had to go away on a bissness trip, he asked if it was ok with that? I said yes and I told him that he did not have to babied me any more and to go and have some fun when you go away from now on, James said but you are my only family and I don’t want to loss that, I told him that I am a big girl I am 17 teen so don’t worry ok and with that he smiled and he left.

At midday I went for a walk in the wood’s I loved to walk in the woods it made me feel free and I did not have a care in the world just then I headed a sound it came from a brush I stop to look at what it was The sound belonged to a two year old little boy, clutching another two year old that looked just like him. My eyes widened and I crouched down to put the child into my arms.

Where is your mother?" I asked him as he whimpered quietly in my arms and said she went to sleep and did not wake up.

His brother didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that his brother had let go of his hand and was hanging on me with a surprising strong grip for a child of only two years old.

"C'mon, let's get you to my cabin," I said as I propped the now silent child on my hip and reached for the other.

When got them back to my cabin gave them some food and then tocked them for a bath I got some old blue tops that I warer when I was there age and then I put them on my bed but they did not want to go to sleep they went to play, I asked them what there name’s where they did not say just then one of them find a tenser ball and picked up and piffed it in the air and it fall on a varzz and Brock it I went to give him a tap on he's bum and just then they the twins shifted into a tiny wolfs I was frozen still one of the kid's was going pick up a bit of the broken varzz "Hey!" I yelled snapping out of my daze and he dropped it and the other cube came over and hugged me.

"Bad little wolf," As I looked down at the two children that looked like cubs, I gave them a name so I could call them something while I figured out what I was supposed to do with them.

"You," I pointed to the one that hadn't broken my varzz.

"You are Leo," I patted his head and he flashed his teeth at me.

I narrowed my eyes and flicked him on the nose to let him know that I didn't like that.

"You are Crow," I patted the one that broke my varzz and he, like his brother, flashed his teeth at me.

I looked at them and I know that I could not give them up so I said to the boy’s tall you what how would you like it if become your new mother and you can call me mum ok, I sat down and just then the boy’s jump up and hugged and kissed me, I was happy tow days latter I was putting the boy’s to bed.

It was now 11:00 at night I put them in my bed to go to sleep and they went strayed to sleep and I larded next to them just then I heard the faint sound of someone out side my cabin, so I got up and grabbed the boys and put them in a skeeter room and then I grabbed my James gun and put it in the back of my pants came back up to my room and hid the door just then a men and a women walked in.

The man said look for them to the women

She went looking for them but she could not fine them but just then light coming from a crack in the wall going on and off she went to walk over to it I jumped in the way as she went to kick the wall in, I went to the bottom of the starers to protect the cubes I pulled out my gun.

"Grab them," he ordered to a woman beside him and she stepped forward. I shot one to the fall bounced on the balls of my feet, ready for a fight.

Adrenaline pumped through my blood as I stepped in front of her, a sneer on my lips.

"If you think that I'm going to let you just take these children, you're wrong." I spat at her and she took a step back in surprise.

"Stupid girl. Now," she paused for dramatic effect.

"Now, I kill you," she cocked her head to one side and pounced.

She came at me with a punch just as I went to block it and an arm went around her waist and jerked her back suddenly.

"Take the cubs. I've got the girl," he showed his teeth at her and I bite him to let go and he did and the shock that wanted to take over.

Where I expected flat, human teeth I found sharp canines. The woman took a step to the right to grab the cubs and I flung myself on her, knocking her off her feet. We slammed to the ground and Just then Leo said mamma what’s rogon I jumped over the top of them and said don’t worry it’s ok just stay under me or behind me ok Leo & Crow.

Ok mamma said Crow

I went to get to my feet but I didn't have time to make another move to attack her when I was wrenched off my feet. The man lifted me up, so I was eye to eye with him and he snarled. I flinched back, but held his eye contact the entire time. His hand went around my head to the back of my ear, and I felt pressure. My mouth opened to make a remark but nothing came out. Instead, the worlds faded and my vision to and my mind went blank.

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