The Werewolf Who Fall In Love with Me!!! Chapter 2, Loveing & Careing

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This story is about a Werewolf named Wyatt who fall in love with a human Girl named Emily and how she find's what is missing in her life and how there Love will save her.

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012



Chapters 2


(Wyatt’s P.O.V)


As the girl drop to the ground the cubs they ran over to her crying and calling out mamma and they where trying to wake her up the women I was with went to pick them up and they bit her.


“You get the cubs and I will get the girl.

Just then the women with me said why do we need her for we have the cub’s we don’t need her just kill her and we can get going.


At this time I was getting angary with her I told her who do you thing you are talking too I am the Alpha not you what I say Goo’s do I make myself clear and then I gilder at her and I went and picked up the girl and went and put her in the tuck with the cub’s.


We droved off with the girl and the cub’s and when we stoped the tuck I told my werewolves to put her in a cage and put the cubs in with the girl they will not part from the girl but do it arthed I have talked with her, she work up by this time it was night I was sitting in the room with her and writing for her to wake up.



(Emily’s P.O.V)


I woke on a cold, metal floor. My muscles screamed in pain when I slowly pushed myself off the floor to my feet. I rolled my head back and forth wincing when I heard the loud pop. It was too dark for my human eyes to see anything so with great caution, I used my hands to try and figure out where I was. My hands felt the rigid bars all around me, and panic settled in.


"It's okay, Emily," I told myself and even thought it was only me in this cage just then I yelled out with out thinking trying to find my cub’s I did not know what to do I just keep yelling out for the children and then I stoped and to think how I was going to get out.


"Here's what you're going to do I said to myself. Find a way to get out of here," I told myself and used my hands to do a thorough search of my cage.

"Damn, they have these things pretty sealed up," I whispered in defeat until I heard the rustle of movement in the corner.


"They are used to contain - What do you humans call us?" A deep voice rumbled and my breath came in shallow breaths.

"Werewolves," a hint of amusement entered his voice and I moved as far from him as I cold.

"Of course, they would be pretty sealed up," his voice was closer this time


Okay," I tested out my voice and gained an ounce of confidence when it didn't tremble and I said what do you want with my cubs and me.


"What do I want?" He repeated the question and I felt his breath tickle my neck.

I forced myself to stand still, even when his fingers gently traced an imaginary pattern on the back of my neck.

"Get you filthy hands off me," I ground out my teeth and felt his hands still on my neck.


"You're really not in the position to give orders," he growled at the last word but removed his hands none the less.

"Thank you," I whispered.

The lights suddenly went on and I had to squeeze my eyes shut. I let my eyes slowly adjust and they roamed around the room until they landed on the man that had attacked me from before.


“I said where are they I want them back.


I asked and in the next second he was standing in front of my cage.

"Who?" He cocked his head to the side and reached his hands inside the cage.

"The Children," I looked him dead in the eye, and his hands froze in the air.


His lips curled up, but they only showed human teeth. We stood their, challenging each other, until I felt a burning in my neck. I gasped as the burning got more intense and averted my eyes. My hands flew to my neck and I blinked back the few tears that threatened to make an appearance.

"What did you do to me?" I asked, feeling the emotions swarm over me in an instant.

Anger ran through my veins, my muscles clenched and unclenched, and my mouth pressed in a tight line.

"I hate you," the words took their time rolling off my tongue, as I put emphasis on every word.

My hands gripped the bars, my knuckles turning white as I held onto them.

"I had to do it. I saved your life," he said in a slow, controlled way.


I look at him when he said it and he had a sad look on he’s face.


"What the fuck did you do to me?" I yelled at him my hands reached out to hit him.

He grabbed my hand easily, and rubbed my fist with his hands.

"I saved your life," was the only explanation he gave me before he dropped my fist and walk out of the room.


Just then a men kame in with the cubs and said what did you do to them! They will not go to anyone but you.


I replied I did nothing but give them food, water, a places to sleep and made them feel safe and I gave them names and  told them that they could call me mum, that is all I did to them, I asked what he’s name was!

And the men said my name is Andy and from now on you are the mother of those two cub.

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