The Werewolf Who Fall In Love with Me!!! Chapter 7

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This story is about a Werewolf named Wyatt who fall in love with a human Girl named Emily and how she find's what is missing in her life and how there Love will save her.

Submitted: February 07, 2012

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Submitted: February 07, 2012



Chapter 7

(Emily’s P.O.V)


“I am sorry that I could not protect Crow and I will not blaming you if you want to kill me, I said crying at the loss of Crow

“my dear Girl we are not mad at you did all you could to protected them but you also did not know what Sam was like when you gave them to him but we are happy for what you did when he hit Leo, I had got up to kill him but when I seen you kick Sam we were happy that you did that. Said Leo’s grandfather

“when I fand them I asked them if they had name’s they told me that they did not so I gave them name’s, I hope that was ok with you that I did that but I will understand if you want to pic another name for Leo. I said

“Them name are good one there mother wanted to name one Leo and the other one Cade and so we are happy that you named one of them Leo. Said Leo’s grandmother

I was happy that she said that to me I went to ask them what there name’s are when Leo asked me if I was going home and that he was coming with me, I justed looked at him then back at he’s grandparent’s and got down on my knees.

“ baby how would like to go with your grandparent’s and live with them they love you so much and they want you to be happy and I want the same thing for you too. I said

“Don’t you want me, don’t you love me. Leo said

“Leo my little one I love you so much but I am not a wolf like you and your grandparent’s are so when the time come’s when you need to learn wolf stuff I will not be alb to help you, were your grandparent’s will but if it’s ok with your grandparent’s I will come and spend time with. I said with a sad look on my face

He looked at them and they looked happy that they will take him with them and Leo walked over to them and he’s grandmother went to her knees and pulled him into a hug and he stared to crying and I looked away to stop myself from crying.

“We would love for you to come and visted us and Leo, me you are a part of my family for what you have done to save my grandson and for that you are a part of my family. Said Leo’s grandfather

I looked up at him and went over and gave him a kiss on the chick, I was so happy that he said that and I looked down at he’s wife she had a smile on her face.

“I am sorry I did not get your name’s, I think you know me but I am Emily Nightstar. I said

“oh my we are sorry my name is Kate and this is my husben John and yes we did know your name but it is always nices for some one to all ther name for there self don’t you think. Kate said with a smile

I smiled back then I looked at Leo and he was asleep in Kate’s arum’s I looked up and said to John I think they should get him home and to bed they both smiled at me and said that they will see me letter but before they left I kissed him and said that I will love him anto star’s come falling form the henven’s and they lefted and I walked back and sat down and looked over to see Wyatt looking at me.

I stayed right where I was as he locked the door and walked towards me.

"Please," I whispered when he sat down next to me.

"Don't put her in the cage," I looked up at him, and found his face inches from mine.

"I have to. She needs to know that what she did was wrong and as an Alpha I can't let her get away with trying to take my ma-," he cut off before he finished the last word and I slowly leaned my head against his shoulder.

"I don't want to think right now. I just want," I felt all my energy fading from me the instant his hand wrapped around mine and he tugged me toward him.

"Rest. You're tired," he murmured against my forehead.

"I can't. My mind just won't turn off," I smiled at how silly that sounded and he stood up.

"I know what you need," he picked me up and I struggled to get out of grasp.

"I can walk," I told him and he seemed reluctant to let me down but he did.

As soon as my feet touched the ground he grabbed my hand and tugged me to his room.

"What...?" I trailed off as he opened the door and turned towards me.

"I'm going to make you think of nothing but me," his eyes light up with amusement and I tried to take a step back to leave.

"Oh, no you don't," he grabbed me right before I was out of his room and gently pulled me in.

Fear gripped my muscles and he picked me up and laid me down on the bed.

"Shirt off," he commanded and I bite my lip to keep from protesting.

"Don't do this," I whimpered knowing that if I fought him it would only be worse.

Maybe if I pulled out the tears he might feel bad and not rape me. Maybe. I heard his audible sigh and felt him tug at the hem of my shirt. Tears leaked out as the shirt was pulled to my shoulders and my bra was unclipped. I dug my teeth in my cheek to keep myself from sobbing.

"Hey," he wiped away the tears that ran down my cheek off and turned me over.

"What's wrong?" He asked and got off me to pull me in his embrace.

"Aren't you going to r-rape me?" I asked him searching his face.

"What? No! I was going to give you a back massage. I would never hurt you," he stiffened and I relaxed letting my body lean into him.

I felt foolish for believing that he was actually going to rape me but at that moment I didn't care. It's hard to explain my sudden change in mood but I found myself feeling safe in his arms.

“I am sorry,” I said with a sad face I closed my eye’s and went to sleep I loved it when he’s arm’s on me I flate him pulled me closer to him and then kiss me on my headed and sleep tocked me.

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