The Werewolf Who Fall In Love with Me!!! Chapters 3

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This story is about a Werewolf named Wyatt who fall in love with a human Girl named Emily and how she find's what is missing in her life and how there Love will save her.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Chapters 3


(Emily’s P.O.V)


the Children/Cubs are in the cage with me and we have tow people that come in, one come’s with food, water and bedding for the Children/Cubs and the other come’s in piffling stuff at the Children so when she come’s in I put them behind me or under me so they don’t get hit, we spent a total of three weeks in the cramped cage. I know because there was a small window near the top of the left wall. We spent countless hours watching the sun. The man who would bring food and water to us would stay and talk to me; the man came in to feed us two meals a day. Usually the meals consisted of apples, oranges and 3 small water bottles; we received our meals in the most unusual way. He would open the door put the food in my cage, I did not eat I gave my food to the Cubs and I would drink the water only.

I don’t know what made me ask he’s name but I did.

And he said my name is Sam.

One day Sam asked what I named the children I tall him I named them Leo & Crow and Sam say’s they are good name’s for the Cubs and then he stop’s talking and jest’s look’s at them.

Sam I said could you do me a favour and take them away from here for me and could you raise’s the Cubs for me but before you do that I want a bit more time with them to tall them what is going to happen ok.

Sam then said why do you think you can trust me for.

Because I see how you are with the Cubs and I know that you are there birth Father and I don’t know how you let them out of your sight but I know that you will take care of them now and that is why I know I can trust you with them.

Sam said that he would take the Cubs with him.

I said thankyou for all you have done for my Cubs and I.

I wake the Cubs up and to tall them what is going on and where they are going and they stared to cry I tall them that I love them so much and to be good Children for Sam, Leo & Crow say they will be good and do as they are tolled, I tolled them to go to Sam and they did I stay as they get away


(Three days latter)


for the pasted three days I have been kicked, pushed and cut buy the women who kidnapped me at the end of it she would snarl at me I took my final breath. On the fourth day, when the sun was beginning to fill the window up and give me a small amount of light, the man that had kidnapped me finally entered. Correction, he stormed in, dragging the girl who had hurt me in by a firm grip to her upper arm.

"Is this the way you treat things that belong to me?" He asked, his nostrils flaring in anger.

"I told you - No, I ordered you to get her and the cubs out of the cage and into my house where Bobby and Andy would guard her and the cubs but look what happen the cubs are gone," he roared and slammed his fist into the wall.

Then he looked over at me and seen that I was bloody then he got even more anger, he then yelled for everyone to come in and they did this time he said who did this to the girl in there and if you don’t tall me I will find Sam and make him tall me who did it to this girl and when I find out I will kill that prison for what they have done is that celer.

Just then a vice said I did it Alpha.

It was the girl who hit me for the passed three days.

The girl whimpered, and rolled on her back to expose her stomach.

"I'm sorry, Alpha." I barely heard the words because she spoke so quietly, but the word 'Alpha' sent a chill down my back.

"Why, Jessie? Why did you disobey me?" He asked, his muscles twitching.

"She didn't," I spoke before the girl, Jessie, could say anything.

"She tried to get me out of the cage. She really did, but I refused to move. Because she tolled me to get out but the cubs had to stay and I was scared that something would happen to the cubs if went with her so I did not lever them and this cage was familiar to me. I'm sorry," I stuttered over the word sorry and didn't make eye contact with him.

My eyes remained on the floor as he dismissed Jessie and the others and he slowly walked over to me. I heard the click of the lock and the creaky sound of my cage door opening.

"James," I whispered and sank down to the ground, my legs failing me, "Mum and Dad. I'll be with you soon," my voice broke and tears made a steady stream down my face.

My time was up and I knew it. He stood in my cage, not making another move toward me nor away from me and I was still hurt so I just lade there on the cold fool and thought that I am going to dye soon.

"Is that what you think I'm doing?" He asked his voice sound quiet hurt.

I desired that I would not face my death with tears streaming down my face, No; I would face death with dignity and honner. I managed to get on my shaky arms and legs that are bloody and raised my eyes to meet his. I didn't say anything as I stared him in the eye, and my back straight. For the first time in days, then he broke contact, looking at the floor and not willing to meet my gaze.

Just then my neck became warm and I felt the warmth slowly spread until it reached my toes. He had his eyes closed, his forehead wrinkled in concentration, and an expression of pain on his face. My muscles and cuts stared to hell began to loosen, and the ache’s and pain that I usually felt in them disappeared.

I rolled my neck and joy spread across my face to find it no longer stiff. He opened his eyes and the warmth flooded out of me quickly. He gasped, his hands rested on his knees for support, and his chest heaved like he had just run a marathon.

A few minutes later and he straightened his back, his hand brushing the beads of sweat from his face.

"What?" I trailed off, my gaze fixed upon his face.

"I healed you. We, werewolves," he paused to laugh at the term werewolf, then he said we "Have the ability to heal our mat - pack members, but it cases the person that is doing it a great amount of pain and energy," he explained and I felt compelled to touch his face.

"I know it might not count for anything but I wanted to apologize. I'm really sorry, and I swear, I'll make it up to you," he looked at me assessing my reaction.

My eyes widened when he said all that but other than that I kept my face blank.

"I - I began to speak but snapped my mouth shut and I open it and said that’s not what I expected," I finally managed to get out and he nodded his head intently.

"I know, you thought that I was going to - to kill you," he finished the sentence and winced and said "I'm not a bad guy," his fingers did what my hand itched to do to him, they gently stroked my cheek.

"I'm not sure of anything right now," I closed my eyes, feeling as if an invisible wire ran through his fingers and into my skin, connecting us together.

"Come, I want to show you the town," his hand dropped from my cheek and I followed him out of the cage.

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