The Werewolf Who Fall In Love With Me!!! Chapters 4

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This story is about a Werewolf named Wyatt who fall in love with a human Girl named Emily and how she find's what is missing in her life and how there Love will save her.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



(Emily’s P.O.V)


The town wasn't very big, in fact, it was incredibly tiny. There was a grocery store, a hardware store, a small cafe, a dollar store, an animal feed store and Gas Stayshon But that was it.

After we had walked the whole town, I was looking for away to get away from him I had seen something that was familiar to me it was a black wolf.

He had been looking for me for three weeks then I seen more wolfs the holl pack was out looking for me, where I lived in my cabin next to the woods there was a very big pack of wolfs I would often go in the woods and take a walk. One day I had seen people shooting wolfs and there cubs and I said to the men that if they kill any more wolfs I would kill them and from that on that day I was a member of that pack.

I was so happy I want to run up to them and I looked up at the men and he had seen them I kicked him and stared to run to them but he stoped me I look at my pack and I looked back and this time I had seen a lot of people there and they all looked upset and angry and I look back at my pack and they to was angry as wall, I said to my self no I am not going to stay here and be your toy so I bit down on his arm and he let me go I ran as fasted as I could and got back too my wolf pack and they asked if I was ok I had said yes, I look back and all the people looked at me and I said have you not seen a human talk to wolf’s before.

The Alpha said no we have not,

Well I can speck to wolfs, I said

They keep on looking at me and I said this is my pack and that’s why they went at you they did not like it when you kidnapped me nor did I.

Jessie said it’s not like you are there princess.

I said I am the princess of this pack my Father is the Alpha of my pack and my Mother is has mat and I have 15teen older brothers and they are very Protective of me.

Alpha said they are not human and you are human, where is you human Mother and Father!!!

They dyed in a car cashed years ago when I was very yougen I said.

Just then more people came anto they stoped and look at the Alpha and I looked him in the eyes.

Then he stared to speck and said you are to come with me or I will have my werewolves attack and they will kill your wolf family.

I looked at my pack and they were angry and I said that I don’t want them to dye for my sack and I tolled them that I loved them very much then I yelled out and said that I would go with him but I want tow of my brothers come to see me off.

The Alpha nodder his head to say yes and I stared to walk over to the Alpha I stoped midway to tack one lasted look at them and I stared to crying and then I keep on walking with a my brothers and once we got there to the Alpha I had to say goodbye to my brothers and they stud there anto the Alpha tolled Andy and Jessie to go get me and they did and Andy picked me up and then gave me to the Alpha and he oulder all of his werewolves to back down and fall back and they did.

The Alpha and I walked for 5 mins and he took me to a black SUV parked behind the hardware repair store and he opened the passenger side door for me. I hesitated and took a step back, trying to put some space between us. All the years I was growing up James always told me that if you ever got in a car with a stranger, you're good as dead.

I had stoped crying by this time.

"What's wrong?" He asked and I saw the touches of concern written on his face.

"Home," I whimpered, letting pain follow the word.

He didn't say anything and grabbed my arm, pulling me toward him.

"I just want to go home. I want my family and I want to feel safe again," I held the tears back this time as I stood inches apart from him.


I felt defeated, with my head hung low, my shoulders hunched and a single tear escaping and running down my face very slowly, he picked me up and set me in the passenger side seat before buckling me up and closing the car door. He got in the driver seat quickly, neither one of us saying a word to each other, and he to began drive.

"Where are we going?" I finally managed to convince myself to ask.

I really wasn't sure that I wanted to know the answer but the silence it was starting to eat away at me.

"To my house. That is where you're going to stay until I figure out what to do with you," he said quietly and I nodded my head.

but I was not happy about it when he said it so I just turned the radio on and flipped through the channels until I found a song I liked the song was Riot by Three days Grace god I loved that song I turned it up and sat back in my seat, closing my eyes and bringing my knees up to me and wrapping my arms around them my knees and just sat like that until I felt the car come to a stop.

I lifted my head up when he got out of the car and I unwrapped myself and he said to get out of the car and I ender up sliding out of the car. The house was huge. Everything inside of it was grey or black, reminding me more of a prison than a home.

He led me through the kitchen, down a dark hallway and opened a door to a big bedroom telling me to enter. Everything was grey and Pink, except the black clothes that hung in the open in a closet.

God I did not like Pink and grey but I gest I had to put up with it.

"This is your room. I have to go to a pack meeting in about ten mins so I'll just leave you alone," he was about to close the door when I grabbed his arm.

I don’t know what made me ask he’s name but I did.

"What is your name?" I asked him and his lips curled up in a small smile.

"Wyatt," his fingers stroked my neck gently before he stopped.

"I'm Emily," I looked at him and then he disappeared down the dark hall.

I heard the front door shut and I knew that I was here alone in this big house. I took advantage of that and explored the house.

I found what I assumed was Wyatt's room, and I didn't bother to stop myself from going through all of his stuff. I found an old torn map of where we were and I smiled.

I could use it to help myself escape from this hell hole. It was stuffed under the couch in the living room so I figured that nobody was going to miss it.

I put it on the bottom of my underwear draw and grabbed a pair of black underwear that looked like they would fit me and a sports bra that looked a little too big for me.

I went to the bathroom because I had not taken a shower for three week’s and so I took a long shower. After I was dressed in the clean under garments I pulled a big green t-shirt from Wyatt's room and pulled it on over my head and in my room I fand black leggings and put them on.

The big green t-shirt it stopped half way down my thigh and reminding me of how small I really was. I pulled out a small radio I had found in the back of my closet in my room and put it in the kitchen.

The sound of music comforted me as I made a sandwich and ate slowly. As darkness fell over the house, fear crept in as well. I went to the front door locked it and I was about to go to my room when I heard the distant sound of a wolf howl, all I want to do was go home to my wolf pack and feel safe agren.

At that moment, I was hoping that Wyatt would come back. Despite the fact that he had kidnapped me, I felt safer with him than with anybody else in this town for some recen.

I switched off the radio and made a mad dash down the dark hallway to Wyatt's room. I didn't want to go to mine.

I made myself comfortable on his bed, which was green and not black and found myself quickly fading away. It didn't take long for me to succumb to sleep.

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