Hell's Angel-Chapter between the chapters

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this is the chapter that's supposed to be between chapters three and four in my novel-- Hell's Angel

Submitted: May 19, 2008

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Submitted: May 19, 2008



i couldn't think of any other subject so i put it as an essay. and i didn't want to put it as a chapter in hell's angel because it'll ruin my flow of rhthym. anywho, this is supposed to be inserted between chaptersthree and four in Hell's Angel. it explains Rea's form with a little more detail. Enjoy!!

The Chapter between the Chapters

Two days later.

It was a weekend and my mother and I was home doing some searching in the garden for her special flower she had planted since I was born. It was supposedly a present for me when I found out. My mother said that she had to make a tea out of it and I had to drink it.

It didn’t take us long until we found the flower. It had beautiful lime colored petals and pointy thorns. The color of the petals faded when it got to the edge of the petal. And if I turned it to the sun in the right angel, then I could see it change colors.

My mother stood up, “That wasn’t hard, now was it?”

I smiled at her and said, “Not at all.”

Without warning, I dropped the flower and my mother was quick enough to get it before it touched the ground.

“Rea,” she said as she straightened herself, “What’s wrong?” she looked at me and froze into place. I didn’t know what it was that had made my mother look at me that way.

My mind was boggling and my eyes were rolling backwards. At first I thought it was the curse’s side effects working on me again. But that wasn’t the case of this seizure.

You’re changing shape into a dragon, my mother said to me. She didn’t really open her mouth and somehow I knew that she spoke to me through my mind. Stand still, Rea. Changing shape doesn’t hurt, but it requires a great deal of. . .

Before she could even finish her instructions to help me change, I was already in dragon form and I let out a loud roar that shook the trees and wake babies from their daily naps.

I could feel wings on my back as I looked at my hands. I had sharp nails and my skin was covered in gold, red, and black scales that glittered in the sun. I licked my teeth and found long canines replacing my incisors. My vision had been improved a thousand times stronger and so did all my other senses.

My mother was highly shocked and her mouth dropped to the ground.

She asked me in question, Rea, are you alright?

I looked at her and answered with my mind, no doubt that she can’t hear me, I’m fine mother. Why are you so surprised by my changing shape?

Change back to your human form and I will tell you why, she replied.

I thought of my human form and I immediately went back to two legs and hands with no wings on my back. Luckily, I still had my clothes on. Thank the gods!

Filled with extreme hyper and unrest, I bounced to my mother and asked again verbally, “So why were you so surprised by my changing?”

She closed her eyes and said, “Changing shape when you first found out, wasn’t supposed to be that simple. Even a shape shifter changing shape since childhood still has trouble changing until he or she has expertise it. It only took you two minutes to learn to change shape without my instructions. You—you are one of a kind, Rea. And I am so proud to have you as my own daughter.”

I grinned happily and gave a bear hug. “One more question,” I pressed, “why wasn’t anyone disturbed by my little roar?”

“Humans can’t hear or see a shape shifter when they change shape. They used to be able to do so a long time ago but they have given up on that ability for civilization. I think it was an idiotic decision,” she answered a-matter-of-factly.

“No matter,” I shrugged, “we are who we are. That’s all that matters.”

“Such wise words,” she said and suddenly, she sounded a hundred years old. “Let me show you something,” she added and then she began to change shape. I saw her majestic wings growing behind her and her eye color changed from dark brown to a shade of beautiful violet and black.

I thought she was going to finish her change but she stopped and looked at me with friendly, purple eyes. She looked flattering with her hair flowing behind her. She still looked like my mother, only more like a dragon. She was beautiful with her violet eyes and wings and hair.

“Mom, you look gorgeous!” I had to comment. “But how did you do that? You didn’t finish shifting.” I stared at her for a moment, digesting her beauty. Somehow, she looked years younger.

“During the process of changing,” she explained, “I forced myself to stop changing and thus creating my half form, between my dragon and human forms. You have half of everything. Half your senses are dragon, you grow wings, and you get to have purple eyes. In this form, other humans can see and so can other dragons. Make sure you don’t do this near humans.”

I listened to her warning and then tried the formation myself. Like the last time I changed, it was simple to stop between the forms. Not so long, I mirrored my mother. I didn’t know if I had purple eyes, but I did have wings. I looked back and found great dragon wings. But mine were colored as black scales outlined with gold and mostly red. My mother’s, though was a rather different color, it was purple outlined with blue and green. “Mother, I have different wings than yours.”

“Of course,” she remarked, “you didn’t think that we were one hundred percent alike, did you? Every dragon has different colors, even when you are blood related. You have the color of your grandmother’s. I’m so happy to see you change.”

“I am too, mom,” I said and then made my wings go into my back, and I returned to human. She too did the same. She was surprised by my next move; I hugged her. I had nothing to do to thank her for helping and teaching me, so I hugged her. She jumped when I wrapped my arms around her neck.

“Thank you so much,” I whispered in her ear.

“You’re welcome,” she replied, and I could almost hear her smile behind me.

I looked at my reflection on the backyard door. My facial features were composed but my eyes were dark red and gold. I assumed the color was left behind by the change. I have no doubt that my mother’s eyes were purple. No matter what my dragon form was, I was my mother’s daughter. The legacy I am honored to have as a shape shifter.

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