I Can But I Cannot

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Again, another of my sister's poem.
she wrote this a long time ago and now just found it.
i thought it was great, and she said i could post it up!

so, just keep on reading!

Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008




By: G.M.C.


I can get tortured and not feel pain

But I cannot see you die and not shed a tear.

I can go in the rain and not get wet

But I cannot see the future and not say we’ll be together.

I can touch fire and not scream

But I cannot sit still and not know that you are in danger.

I can smell something nasty and not say anything

But I cannot be with you and not love you.

I can sleep in snow and not be cold

But I cannot have a phone and not call you.

I can get shot and not die

But I cannot hold you and not kiss you.

I can taste something nasty and not make a face

But I cannot think about you and not cry.

I can hear something funny and not laugh

But I cannot say I love you and not hear you say it back.

I can get a cut and not bleed

But I cannot sleep and not dream about you.

I can walk a hundred miles and not rest

But I cannot look up and not see you.

I can sleep and not wake up

But I cannot run away from you and not look back.

I can look at the sun and not go blind

But I cannot walk and not have you by my side.

I can go in a thunderstorm and not get electrocuted

But I cannot live and not have you with me.

I can have magic and not use it

But I cannot die and never lived.

I can die and still be with you

But I cannot see you and not love you.

I can get annoyed and not lose my temper

But I cannot look you at and not forgive you.

I can see people around me and not feel a thing

But I cannot love you and not be there for you.

I can live a hundred years and not feel old

But I cannot fly and not protect you.

I can see ghosts and not be afraid

But I cannot have you in my life and not pay any attention to you.

I can touch poison ivy and not be itchy

But I cannot see my life and not picture you in it.

I can kiss you and not move a muscle

But I cannot look at you and not say I love you.

And we can be together forever........always.

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