Mommy's little good boy

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His mommy thinks he is so good but when he is different at school and says he wants to fuck me that when his mommy comes in.

Submitted: January 15, 2011

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Submitted: January 15, 2011



Jessie pov

So there is this guy at school. Me and my friends all hang out togetter even thats guy.So one day after PE me my boyfriend and that guy and his best friend are hanging out.My boyfriend was mad because this guy like me so my boyfriend told him to stop looking at me and trying to hit on me.This guy live naxt to my best friend. All my friends heat him. He is a mommy boy. His mom thanks he is so good so when when you tell her that her son said that I am so hot and that he would like to put his hard thing in me. He dosen't get in trouble because he said he didn't say that to me and my boyfriend so everyday from now on at school I am going to make his life a living HELL for lieing and being a fucking mommy's boy. That boy is going down and I do give a shit what gos down as long as its not me or anyone around me but him. He can die in a hole with a banana.

True story. This really did happen to me.

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