Slowly Slipping Away

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I wrote this poem about someone I love,

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Slowly Slipping Away


The air is crisp

The sky is covered with a blanket of clouds

She looks at the place

That holds so many memories

Tears start to build in her eyes


She remembers the smiles,

The tears,

The laughs,

That all took place here


She reaches her hand out

And follows the flow of the grain

Her eyes close for just a minute

Just a minute…


All she feels is unbearable pain

Seconds later

She’s reliving every memory

She holds of this place


Those emotions then take her over

The way she felt when he looked in her eyes

In that special ways of his

His hand on her cheek




Hearing him cry for her to come back

The kiss that made her come back

Her own tears begging

When she thought she had lost him


All these memories

Flooding her body

Tears start to escape her eyes

Rolling down her face


At that moment

She wished he was there

To wipe these tears away like he used to

Making the pain go away


To kiss her softly

Let her know he loves her

She opens her eyes

And knows he isn’t there



That he won’t ever

Be able to do any of those things


He was gone


Somewhere else


Leaving her

And her love behind


She closes her eyes once more

And sits down

Her hand now

Covering her wrist


All she ever wanted

Was a shot at love

A shot at being with him



But that’s all gone now

Slowly slipping away

All she has left

Is this fence


And her memories

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