Where to go? The broken home or the unloved world?

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Just that depressing poem that tells someone's life.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



You walk by to see my tears

Even though nothing has changed in years.

You still see this broken kid

And wonder what anyone did.

For this scars have yet to heal

As I continue to make this skin peal.

This broken home is all I have ever known

Yet I continue to allow you to break this bone.

Becoming even more hollowed out from the fights being endless

You made it so that I ended up being friendless.

Alone in this corner I sit here bleeding

For now my body is for the ground's feeding.

6 feet under ground I lay

And I have yet to see you any day.

For the headstone reads the kid who couldn't carry the world

As you tell everyone I was the one that failed.

Thanks for causing me to break

All alone for my soul is for the reaper to take.

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