Crimson Bullets and Fragments of the Mind

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Oh, and you know it's wasn't me, so just shut up and I'll see you in hell.

Submitted: March 22, 2008

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Submitted: March 22, 2008



Crimson Bullets and Fragments of the Mind

Oh, stop looking at me.

—It’s your fault, you know. Don’t blame me. —

You pulled the trigger. It wasn’t me. It was not me, I didn’t tell you all the little lies that broke you, I didn’t tell you to go into the bathroom that night.

—Just, just, just STOP THAT!

The way your blood pooled around your body, it was like it was making a little cradle for you, a soft, warm, wet cradle that would hold you forever in its arms…

Oh, and how you were coated in it when they pulled your body--

—It was more like prying, really. You were glued to the floor. You did quite a good job about that, I can assure you—

--off the floor? It was the most beautiful you were ever, dear.

Oh, you claim it was me, I know, but the truth hurts. If you can’t even deal with it, that’s your problem. I did nothing. So just, just, just shut up already! Don’t BLAME me, your stupid, ugly, BITC-- Ha ha, you almost got me.

Jeez, you really don’t get it do you? All those things I showed you were for your own good. If you couldn’t take it, you had no business in this world. It’s better off without you. And you’re better off without it.

St…stop that! Oh, you think it’s that easy, do you? I have to look into your eyes every fucking day! Those big eyes that see too much, too much, always to much, things I hide from you, oh, Oh, DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!! IT WAS MINE, ALWAYS MINE, GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF IT YOU BITCH!! YOU…You…

Oh, ha ha, shit, you really did get me that time didn’t you? Ahh, well. Oh, shut up. You know it was you. Don’t kill the messenger, dear. Even if he is the messenger of death. Your death, in fact. But a messenger none the less.

Here’s a hint for you, darling.

—You were going to die. —

Oh, sure, it may have been years from then, but everyone dies. Accept it.

Wait…? What? No, of course not.

You were only staying here for a little while, anyway, dear.

Just a little longer, you ask? No, no I think I really will be going now, darling. See you in hell.

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