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a promise made with pain, hurt and vengeance

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007




It’s your entire blunder.

It’s not me but you

And now I recognize your brand

Homewards I’ve raced

Day after day, after long hours trying to earn us bacon

To stumble upon this…

Disgust, I feel

And for that, dread you ought to suffer.

Somebody ought to pay

You, your friends, your family and everything resembling you

Should judder from my vengeance

I shall not take this mendacious behaviour

Not from you, anyone and not for whatever thing.

It is exactly what it looks like

And for that I shall do unto creation what was done upon me

I shall do unto others before they do unto me.

Retribution is the only course towards your clemency

In search of peace, I now prepare for war.

And when I’m through with you,

You shall acknowledge ache.

How dare you,

Bed him in my bed

And have the courage to attempt reason.

You have hurt me in a way that only vengeance can heal

And I swear on my blood that

I shall bring you eternal hell on earth.

And from this era all through the next,

I will repay your deception ten folds…

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