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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
this poem challenges the way our minds are programmed from youth and challenges everyone with an un open mind to start questioning everything and to start using the most powerful tool in the human body: the mind.
it may sound weird, but the point is to make you think and make sense out of it.

Submitted: October 24, 2006

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Submitted: October 24, 2006





I am the liberant,

Yes the liberant; not the liberator,

For I cannot liberate those who do not posses a mind competent of liberation.

For it is I, who liberate people’s opinions and share them with humankind.


If you are not reminiscent of me;

Your opinion will not be liberated

And if you don’t recognize me,

It’s because you do not posses the supremacy of a liberated mind

And if you never discern me in your existence, then you’ll have lived a no-liberal stressful life with trivial views on your life.


So now let me establish myself to thee as the liberator of people’s minds, honest opinions, stress, sense of humour, true potential and souls.


Allow my ideas to set your biased minds free

And introduce them to humanity.

Allow my ideas to guide you to the course of liberation.


For I’m the liberant, the liberator

And a proud constituent of the liberals who touch all the taboo issues in life

And subsist to enlighten others.


If you solicit me to teach you how to liberate your psyche, then I’ll bestow upon thee the most taboo issues on life to teach you.


I am the descendant of true liberals and my blood flows with liberation through my liberal veins.



With high esteem I inform thee that

I am, I was and I am meant to forever be a liberal.


With this oath, I want all of the liberals to pledge unto creation and be in no qualm that what we feat at this juncture is building creation

And is open to anyone who wants to be

Liberated from stress and close-mindedness.


I express gratitude and realize all of you in support of being liberals.




Composed by: Maake TL.


© Copyright 2018 LEBEA. All rights reserved.

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