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this is a wake up call to all those people who are ignorant of the power they possess over others and use it to destroy instead of construct. i have used this power many times to harm, take advantage of, avenge and to build.
I hope you realise the power within each and everyone of us and use it constructively.

Submitted: October 24, 2006

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Submitted: October 24, 2006






I possess power, there’s power within me.

The power to build something out of nothing

The power to destroy in an instant that which took a lifetime to build

This is my power, my most powerful gift, ability and possession.

We all possess this power but ignorance and negligence is weakening this power.


With this mysterious power, wars became and with this power wars were ended in an instant.

This is a power that inspires my fellow brothers and sister’s or even destroy fellow being’s hopes, dreams, talent, faith, love, beliefs and even life; forever.

This power might be silent, vibrated, visual, non-visual and most destructive when it is not being used at all. It has built lifetime friendships, relationships, families, communities and all that is good.

Potential lovers meet, brought together by this power and live happily thereafter.

Faith, spirituality and religion are introduced by this power. In the beginning, this power created all that exists and presently, this power is destroying existence.


This power will destroy us all as long as human nature, jealousy, hate, evil and many other weaknesses are fed to this power.

We need to educate beings on how to best use this power but I feel that all is lost, for this power has already done to great extent damage and all that we can do is enjoy what little good is still left before the power destroys everything or we can simply establish a balance between the good and bad forms of this power.


Everyone has a good memory or a bad scar induced upon them by this power.

So let me glorify this mighty power, the most powerful privilege in all existence.

The power that can touch souls that have never met, the power that can build or destroy us all, the power that can provide true happiness, wealth, health, life, death, love, success and sadness to us all.

Behold the alpha and omega of all powers.

This power is the power of words.




Composed by: Maake TL

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