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it's about time that somebody had the guts to chant this!

Submitted: November 30, 2006

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Submitted: November 30, 2006




I herewith summon all great spirits

The spirit of the grand “Steve Biko””, I evoke thee

The spirit of the undisputed father of poetry,

My vicar “the biblical David”, I evoke thee

The spirit of my godfather, the Godfather of verses “Shakespeare” I evoke thee

The spirit of my guru and moulder "WB Yeats", I evoke thee

And all current or former poetically instated spirits,

I evoke thee to dwell within me.

Not perceiving these brands, is to acknowledge non-existence

These vast spirits possesses me

Thus I shall be branded, “The guardian of poetry”

For I inscribe… to evoke emotion

Permit these spirits to possess you as well

Consent to my words and let your psyche be swept off its feet

Soaring with it elevated throughout the clouds

Into the terrain of pain, hunger, rage, sadness, disappointment,

Love, life, feelings, imagination and divine health.

Set me gratis,

No need, I shall free my opinion, uncharitable of judgement

For I am poetry and I am my own sentinel or custodian

I resuscitate myself, instantaneously shattering chants from mountain peaks

For all you mortals to heed

Sense my voice and exult through me.

Heed and comprehend me and thou shall be enlightened

Endeavour as I might to impede…

Lay down my weapon and discontinue lettering

And it will price me my soul

My rhythmic outline elegant while depriving you of gasp

My clout to compose you

To prolong comprehending and snooping without alternative.

Sanction me to be blunt.

For I am the heartbeat of existence

That drums prudently with each thump

What was shall be and what is shall eternally be…

I am the re-incarnation of David, Yeats, Biko, Shakespeare and e.t.c.

Reincarnated becoming “THABO LEBEYA the keeper of poetry MAAKE”

And thou shall not stop thinking about my bona fide name….”POETRY”

Or humanity shall forsake and deny your existence forever!

Chanted by: Maake TL

(copyrights reserved).

© Copyright 2018 LEBEA. All rights reserved.

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