dining with the DEMONS

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A posting segment, not finished seeing that our target ran out. I hope to finish it sometime.

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



Silent mockeries resounded from the being as a silenced movement were enacted in the form of a graceful stride. Controlled happenings rippled forth from the creature as throttling chords of muscled tissue sprung numerously throughout the lord's bodice. Flesh and outer interior was unnoticeably, by himself, disturbed from powerful presence that came in great wellfare from within. Slippers drummed unceasingly across the flattened terrain, ringing forth a continous harmony, a rhythm unmatched. Little sound introduced his coming or entrance as the drake surveyed the perimeter about the specific area that he had entered upon. Spherical lobes pricking atop of a finely etched occuli to capture hintings of other lifeforms. Facade stood impassive as he halted in his travels. A sweel distance standing agape between him and wanted quarry. Jawline contorted upwards and snoutal area curled to give hintings of a lethally gruesome outlook emitting from the canine. Lieth figure gave flight forward as an intended stalk was given, spherical motions making a swift scouting of the terrain about this night's entertainment. Lungal area vibrated with a low uttering forming into a gouging growl, menace leaking from every point. Visionaries radiated malicious desires as entry was made from a shadowed forestry edge and stiff posture made grim outlooks upon the destitute body before him. A sneer betrothed his muzzle as raspy baritone erupted forth with a low whispery haunt that echoed into speech. {{ allo puppet. care to dine with us this night? }}

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