Livid Infernos

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A piece of writing, I though I had lost it! But I was digging through my email and found it. I had always taken a liking to it for some reason.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



Fire a blazing fury of heat and air. Licking and burning. Disengrating all substances and melting spongy flesh. Sizzling the very pelt that creatures of her likes adored so dearly. Flames, being the dooming hazard they were. Was being metaphoratically termed, being a coined word choice for the fatale. Into the flames she went. The blazing embers, or dying cold ashes of vitality. Seeming so majestic, so indestructible, but weakness was there for every so called power that was witnessed. The inferno of scorching coals was a victim of the sweet flow of cool water. A liquid of the likes, but it was quite amusing that both could just as end a life of a body as easy as they could end each other. Thinking, wondering pondering. Brain always in the heat, the action of it all. A semi relaxed comfort had taken her, but she immediatley regretted it. Perhaps she was hearing things. The soft lullably of rainfall was so addicitng, so soothing, so touching that it made one think. What could possibly happen? and when it happened, everything is either destory or you yourself were ultimately annilihated. How smug. Lupines cotorted into a sickening smirk, it twisting her features into a grusome scene that one would only see in their darkest and most horrifiyng of nightmares. yet that's all she was. The monstrosity in your dreams, the base of your fear. A figment of a being's imagination. All she was, was exactly, nothing.

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