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Treatment :D

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012




The murdering of 6 officers causes S.I.A to take extreme measures and decide to take down the people who committed the murders. Meanwhile, The Sins threaten to expose Commissioner Tyler Knight to Comside after the meeting of Comside begins.

Story –


The first episode starts out with four officers arrive at Longshore. Three are in the warthog and one in a mongoose. They’re walking around Longshore where they begin to discuss why they needed to go there.

Officer A: I don’t understand why the Commissioner wanted us to drive all the way here.

Officer B: He said that there were suspicions about some illegal arms dealing around here.

Officer A: Who said that? There’s no one here besides the workers who are off today!

Officer C: Can we just focus on this, please?

Officer A: Fine.

Officer C: You (to Officer D), get your SMG ready. We don’t what the hell to expect in there.

Officer D: Yes, sir.

Officers A, B, & C move forward and then Officer C turns around.

Officer C: Yo! What the-

Officer D opens fire and kills Officer C, Officer B and then wounds Officer A.

Officer A: Please, I beg you. I have a kid on the way.

Officer D: I guess you’re going to miss out, then.

Officer D proceeds to shoot and kill Officer A.

Officer D: *sighs* Now, to get rid of the bodies.

The episode transitions to the same number of officers but in Last Resort.

A group of four officers get ready to enter a part of the map.

Officer 1: Why do you think that the Commissioner sent us?

Officer 2: So that we can prove we’re worthy to be on the CPD!

Officer 1: That’s complete bullshit!

Officer 2: Listen, here, Officer, I suggest you follow orders by the Commissioner of the CPD before you’re out of a job. Understand?

Officer 1: Yes, sir.

Officers 1, 3 & 4 get ready and arm themselves when they raid the location only to reveal it to be completely empty.

Officer 1: What the hell?

Officers 1, 3 & 4 turn around and see Officer 2 aiming his SMG at them.

Officer 1: What the fuck?

Officer 2 proceeds to shoot and kill all of them. Officer 2 leaves the room and he gets on his warthog and drives away.

Far away from him is a bystander who walks down the stairs and goes to see the room. He enters and sees the bodies. The bystander runs out the room and drives away on his Mongoose.






Commissioner Tyler Knight is driving in Rat’s Nest and arrives at his location, which is a very low-key area due to the environment. He looks around to check to see if anyone is around and then enters the room he has to go to. He enters the room and is sees a man who has his back turned around.

Joseph Hardy: Commissioner?

Tyler Knight: Yes, Joseph.

Joseph Hardy: So, I take it you’re here to complain to me about why six officers were killed instead of the 3 that we agreed on.

Tyler Knight: Yes, I am. You agreed on having your men only kill three!

Joseph Hardy turns around.

Joseph Hardy: WE agreed on having your men killed. Don’t forget that, Commissioner. And yes we did, but what message would that send? That’s a fucking ordinary thing to happen in one day in all the other cities. I mind as well have doubled it. That would prove to be crueler and start more of a tragedy than just three.

Tyler Knight: I should’ve never made this deal with you.

Joseph Hardy: Yet, you did, Tyler. I promised you money and security once my organization takes over Comside. And I plan to keep my promise.

Tyler Knight: You can forget it. I don’t want it. I’m going to report you to the CPD.

Tyler turns around and two men armed with Battle Rifles come out and aim their weapons at Tyler.

Joseph Hardy: Did you really think that I’d be here without any type of protection?

Tyler turns around.

Tyler Knight: Please. Don’t.

Joseph Hardy: My guys told me that that’s one of your men said when he was about to be killed. I guess every cop is the same even when one stands out more than the others.

Tyler Knight: I’m sorry. I’ll take the deal.

Joseph Hardy: Well, that’s the thing the deal is off. In fact, it was never on. You were the first step to my organization taking over Comside.

Tyler Knight: What?

Joseph Hardy: You see, I knew that a Commissioner of 10 years such as yourself would give in to my payment. You work at a shitty job everyday and come home to nobody. You believed that money would solve your issues. You were so desperate that you’d believe the words of an ex-convict who promised you money and everything else once he took over Comside. You knew I was that smart and powerful that I would be able to take over Comside easily, so you accepted my offer. I guess one thing they don’t teach the Comside Police Department is, that convicts never change and never will.

Tyler Knight: Now, what? You’re going to kill me?

Joseph Hardy: No, once the Mayor holds an assembly regarding the deaths of your cops, I’ll go on stage and reveal to them our little deal.

Tyler Knight: You son of a bitch!

Joseph Hardy: My mother was a bitch. She did leave my dad and me on our own. But enough about me, let’s hear the audio of our deal, shall we?

Joseph Hardy plays the tape of the conversation.

Tyler Knight: What do you want?

Joseph Hardy: I want you to have 6 of your men killed.

Tyler Knight: No. It’d be considered a massacre and that heat will draw attention.

Joseph Hardy: That’s the point, Commissioner.

Tyler Knight: We settle on three or I report you trying to get me to have three Comside Police Officers killed.

Joseph Hardy: Fine. I guess I can settle on three.

Tyler Knight: So, how would you like to handle this?

Joseph Hardy: Call three of your guys and make up an excuse telling them that there’s been a disturbance. Then, I’ll have one of my guys disguise himself as a cop and you tell your guys that he’s just some rookie. Got it?

Tyler Knight: Shut up! You do not speak to me like some pawn, got it?

Joseph Hardy: Fine, Commissioner.

Tyler Knight: Now, you must promise me that 6 officers will NOT be killed. If six officers and not three are killed, I promise you this, I will go over to your location and fucking kill you.

Joseph Hardy: Yes, sir. I can promise you that.

Tyler Knight: I’ll go back to the station and tell my guys to go.

Joseph Hardy: My guy will be there once you arrive. Make sure he knows.

The tape ends.

Tyler Knight: What will that prove? You’ll also be convicted.

Joseph Hardy: That’s where you’re wrong, Tyler. You see, this isn’t the 19th century; we can manipulate audio to make it say whatever we want to. Like so:

Joseph plays the tape.

Tyler Knight: What do you want?

Officer 2: I want you to rethink what you’re doing. Twenty-four officers are too many. We should settle on a smaller number. We should do at the maximum of just 2 duos of officers.

Tyler Knight: We settle on three or I report you.

Officer 2: Fine.

Tyler Knight: So, how would you like to handle this?

Officer 2: I still don’t think we should be doing this, Commissioner! We’re killing our own guys!

Tyler Knight: You do not speak to me like some pawn, got it?

Officer 2: Sorry, sir but killing our cops is wrong.

Tyler Knight: Shut up! You must promise me that 6 officers will be killed.

Officer 2: Yes, sir.

The tape ends.

Tyler Knight: Who is that?!

Joseph Hardy: Just one your cops that killed one of the trios of your guys. He’s a loyal cop and he’s offered himself to be put into prison for what he did. He knows I can get him out in a matter of days.

Tyler Knight: Please, I beg you. I won’t say anything. I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Joseph Hardy: Not even your mother can do that, what makes you think you can?

Tyler Knight: I swear.

Joseph Hardy: Yeah, sure. Now, it’s time to take a quick nap, Tyler.

The guard hits Tyler from behind and Joseph goes on one knee to check Tyler.

Guard #1: What do we do now, sir?

Tyler Knight: We hold him here until the assembly. Then we call over our very nice officer who did his job very well, and we take them to the assembly to have them arrested. Once the people of Comside hear that tape, they’ll have no choice but to no longer believe the words of any officer.

Guard #1: What do we do if he speaks?

Tyler Knight: No one is going to believe a man who ordered the killings of 6 of his own officers, now would they?

Guard #1: No, sir. They wouldn’t.

Tyler Knight gets back on his feet.

Tyler Knight: Thank you for agreeing me.

Tyler walks out of the room and gets on his warthog and drives away.

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