Walk Before You Speak..

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This was was inspired by my boss. He is a typical arrogant prick. He talks a good talk, but is more or less a hypocrite. He actually wrote something on somebody's birthday card and it pissed me off bc he is so ignorant and he uses other peoples ignorance to make himself look some what intelligent.

"The shoes i walk in, others can not walk in the shoes they wish to fill"

ignorant statement coming from someone that has not sense of intelect especially when your in a position that was given to him.

Submitted: August 04, 2009

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Submitted: August 04, 2009



They say walk just one mile in another mans shoes to feel his pain.

But we as humans have a need to walk just 1 ft in our own shoes.

Second guess ourselves to a such an extreme we stand on a openning sunrise looking into the soles of our own laced reality.

We always want what we can't have but its more like what we have that we don't want.

As humans we look for an outlet whether its church, a casino or a day at the spa we always escape from our 23 hour day for just one shift of time for a time of relaxation.

A kids scream and a spouses attitude puts us all into a time slot of reruns and misleading scenario's.

Ones true dream is to break through the nightmare we all wished we have not dreamed.

Why walk in another mans shoes when we don't have the souls to walk in our own.

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