A Mutated Dream

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When everything is corrupted, even your DNA, and everyone else knows whats going on except you. What is there to do? What is wrong with humanity? What was the solution?

This is a speedily written entry from my dream journal.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



A Mutated Dream

It’s a world where everything has become corrupted. Everything is twisted from its’ original normal form. Everyone is aware, but the people overtly hide the fact that they know. All things have a dark nearly colorless appearance. I was confused. I seemed to know the people around me, but they all acted very strangely. They look slightly mutated, covered in a greenish, grey dirt. Hands and legs seem melted into formless shapes.

Trash covered the ground under a thin layer of ashy dirt. The air was thick like after a volcano erupted. Breathing isn’t difficult but it’s nearly impossible to see twenty feet away. We congregated in what seemed to be cave like hovels with ankle deep swampy water.

A man whose name I didn’t know but with whom I felt strangely close, like a father figure or a big brother, informed me it was time to go down into a lower level of a hovel. As we climbed down sturdy oddly spaced platforms, our flashlights became less and less useful; the air: thick like the depths of the ocean. I become aware that I am unsure if I’m underwater. But there is no time to consider this. A creature, just below me, comes into view.

This alligator like beast with large jaws has a smooth appearance. It seems that the mossy grey substance covering this creature is part debris and part the thing itself. The beast doesn’t seem to be aware of my presence. Its’ head is smooth on top. It doesn’t have eyes.

The man I’ve descended with has moved down behind the creature. Still unsure of where exactly I am and what I role is, I stop to see what the man will do. Will we kill this creature? No. The man continues moving past the creature down a corridor. I follow. We join others in a small room. The water here is deeper, only a couple of feet deep, but we are all on our hands and knees or sitting on the floor with only our heads unsubmerged.

A woman asks with, obvious intent to communicate something with me, “Why did you wear your glasses? Don’t you think they make it easier to see that we live on trash covered rubble of what we once were?”

“Oh, um… yeah. Of course. What was I thinking?” I replied. It was clear to me that everyone was living in denial driven by fear of something. Perhaps we had been taken over my powerful extraterrestrials. Whatever happened, these people seemed terrified of it.

The man I followed down into this room moves up through a hatch. The expressions of quiet fear and uncertainty on the faces of those around me make me suddenly uncomfortable and afraid. The silence adds to my new anxiety. As I kneel in the murky water, time seems to stand still. Minutes or hours pass, I can’t tell, it could have been days, then, we hear a noise from the other side of the hatch.

We all stand and open the hatch. On the other side, stands the man. He and everything around him have regained normal color. Though the deformities remain, the man smiles and everyone seems overjoyed. We must have been victorious over whatever had corrupted our world.

Unaware of the original problem or found solution, I still feel a peace. The sky is finally a beautiful blue. Skin takes on a more natural reddish hue. The air is clear. The water is clean. All is right with the world.

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