The Doctor's Creatures

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A story written in the first person prospective Chapter 1 about a worker at a nuclear test site during the 1960's, where he discovers a dark secret about his boss doing inhumain experiments. Chapter 2 is set in Germany during World War II, where the worker and 3 other people are teleported to.

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017



The Doctor's Creatures Chapter I: Test Site

1968. Nevada. USA. A test site for a newly created weapon "The Atomic Missile", which had a purpose of being a weapon of mass destruction. This test site had a very spooky feel to it .Even in the daylight, it made you feel very uneasy, just the blank expressions of the dummies made to represent real people, the fake houses made to look as if they were occupied, the parked cars on the streets and driveways, right in the centre of the cul-de-sac there was a moving truck filled with cardboard boxes and other things a house will hold and to the side of the moving truck there was a school bus which was also filled with dummies of children. The whole town was filled with those lifeless dummies, just frozen in various positions mimicking everyday tasks a person would do in an ordinary American town.

 In the test site the was two teddy bears there, there was one inside the school bus and one on the top bunk of a child’s bed. I don't know what it was but the teddy bear made me feel very upset every time I went near it or thought about it. I had never actually touched the bear or ever actually thought of putting my hands near it so never mind touching it. But there was that one day I touched it and that was a day I will always remember, anyone who was there would remember, anyone who survived.

The date was August the 28th 1968 6:36am I was doing my last perimeter check around the test site before we could start testing anything, it was nothing too dangerous it was just checking for any loose wires or bolts, checking inside and outside temperatures also checking at some points if any unauthorised personnel were attempting to get in. I was very unsure why anyone would possibly want to come to a place like this or even be so far out in the middle of the Nevada desert but my job wasn’t to ask questions it was to take orders so I just done as I was told. After about 3Hrs of safety checks I was finally finished so I hopped in to the back of 1 of the 3 Jeeps that were parked just behind the school bus, 2 of the Jeeps had left including the one I was in, which got me wondering why would they leave one behind, which then I also realised is that they left one big group of people in the test site. This got me very worried because I knew I had to get on the Jeep to get to the minimum safe distance to launch the test missile. While the Jeep was driving, I couldn’t stop thinking about the group of people they left behind, these people didn’t work for the company as long as I did but they did work there long enough for me to know a fair bit about them. The group were filled with people that were considered outcasts, they didn’t speak very much and didn’t have any living relatives. It was then at that moment I realised that something else was going on here it wasn’t just to test a missile it was some sort of Bio Weapon.

I wanted to do something about it but there is nothing I can do, I'm just a simple worker and even if I wasn’t I would still be powerless because the doctor in charge of the project has permission from the government to test the Nuclear weapon so anything that happens in the area is all unmonitored it’s all in the hands of The Doctor.

All this thinking got me staring into space, the general trying to get my attention telling me to snap out of it. Eventually I turn around and whisper “yes sir”. He tells me to begin the launch procedure and as I said it’s my job to follow orders so that’s exactly what I do, I put the key in and what for the signal to push the button but as I look to the corner of my eye I see a teddy bear, which looks exactly like the ones that are located in the test site. Seeing that bear scared the hell out of my so I ran to the bear grabbed it and thrown it in this long wooden box, which I think used to be a weapon box but it was empty so I guessed nobody would mind if there was a creepy bear in there. After getting rid of the bear the commander gave the signal to launch the missile. The feeling of when you turn the key and push the button is a feeling like no other, once you push that button you hear the steel doors opening whilst raising the missile, then feeling the massive rumble of the thrusters pushing the missile up in the air, seeing the flash of light as the missile arcs over the sky and starts a course straight down towards the model town. Then there was nothing but silence and then a sudden crack then BANG! and an upwards a ball of flames with smoke all going up and tumbling in its self, making a large mushroom shape. During the explosion, I was only hoping that the people left behind made it away from the explosion radius. I guess they could have survived because the missile didn’t look like it directly hit the town but they would still suffer some radiation which could be considered deadly in the long term. I was just thinking of any possibility that they survived just so I could calm down and stop worrying.

I had eventually stopped worrying but then what neither I or anyone else would have or ever expected happened, a bolt of lightning struck the facility that we were in and weirdly the bolt of lightning went through the concrete and hit the wooden box that had the teddy bear in it. We were all standing there staring at the box startled by what just happened before our eyes. I don’t know what I had witnessed, it was something out of the ordinary, something supernatural, something paranormal. It could have been all of those three things but what happened was more paranormal than anything ghostly that anyone could have seen, what happen would have turned sceptic into a believer of the paranormal. What happened was once the lightning had struck the box, the box opened by itself with a bright light coming within and rising from the bright light was the teddy bear I had thrown in there. The bear then began to laugh in a child’s voice but not a cute friendly child laugh it was an evil and intense laugh, it struck fear in my body. When the laughing stopped after about 12 seconds – If you’re wondering why I knew the exact amount of time it was because I had closed my eyes and counted to ten hoping that it was all a bad dream-, I was expecting the worst to happen, I was thinking some ghost like would jump out of nowhere and gruesomely kill all of us in the room but that isn’t what happened. What happened was once the Teddy Bear Stopped laughing the bear started slowly sinking into back into the box at the same time the box is rising and once the bear was in the box a bolt of lightning struck the box and the box started spinning vertically slowly speeding up. The Doctor ordered us to grab the box because it was very important, one of the soldiers replied “ARE YOU MAD!”. But The Doctor insisted that we do as we are told so me just once again following orders, having no say in what is being done, I jumped on the box and wrapped my arms round it like I was holding on to a spinning log. Two soldiers Colin and Owen grabbed on to the handles of the box trying to pull it down and the third soldier Deans grabbed onto my belt making sure I wouldn’t get thrown away by the spinning box and the forth soldier Eads was trying to pull the box down from the bottom.

The box spun for a few seconds then all I saw was bolts of lightning all around me. It was as if I had entered a different dimension, it was as if something new, something horrifying had suddenly begun and it was a nightmare that would never end.

Next the lightning began to fade away, I was no longer in the facility I was in, I was in a very familiar place, a place I practically lived in, a place I hated. I was in The Test Site but it was not how it was when I left there earlier on that day because I left the model town to fire a nuclear missile so the town I still recognisable just burned down and creepier, a lot creepier. So, there we were back at the test site just Colin and Owen crouched either side of the box and Deans standing on front of it and me I was lying on top of the box with my arms still around it. You may be wondering were Eads was, well so did we until we found him, well part of him, two parts to be specific. I couldn’t believe it his hands, yes that is what I said, it was his hands still grasped onto the bottom of the box, there was no evidence of his body being anyway around. We did look around for his body or any sign of him but there was nothing. He could have been somewhere else in the town because we were in a very limited place, we were in the back garden of the blue house in which was next to the school bus. We couldn’t go through the doors because they were locked shut and after what happened with the box-which was beside a shed just behind the garage of the house- we didn’t have the strength to break the door open and we couldn’t go through the path way between the garage of the house and the fence because there was a massive chunk of concrete blocking our way- just to make it clear the concrete chunk wasn’t there when we left it must have been a piece thrown up from the explosion which made an enormous which was right next to the test site.

We sat around for a little rest so that we could try and put ourselves back together after the experience we had. Owen then got up and pointed out this glowing outline of a gun on the wall on the outside of the house next to the stair case- it was in the shape of a B23R which is an automatic firing handgun- Owen walk towards the glowing outline and ran his hand across it and when I thought nothing stranger could happen, a gun emerged replacing the outline with a physical weapon. Owen then reached his hand out and took the gun from where it was, we then all did the same thing so we were equipped with handguns and knives- which all employees had to carry around with them in case of emergencies, I didn’t really understand until later that day.

We were all talking then there was a banging noise like someone was knocking but of course we couldn’t hear it very well over our voices, except from Deans who was alert at all times. Which made me think he must have known something about this all along. When he heard the noise, he ordered us to be silent he took his gun from the holster and pointed at the door and ordered Colin to open the door and move out the way on his command. Deans shouted “NOW” then Colin swung the door open then rolled to the side out of the way. Through the darkness of the inside of the house a figure started to walk towards the doorway slowly all you could see was its glowing blue eyes and when eventually reached the door way it stood there stared at Deans then screamed at the top of its lungs and ran towards him. Then without hesitation pulled the trigger firing a bullet straight into the head of the creature and through the other side hitting the wall of the house, then its body just dropped to the ground laying there still and lifeless so we knew that the thing was certainly dead.

The creature that was killed right on front of our eyes looked familiar, I had never seen anything like this in real life but I had seen stuff like this in books and some movies. It was the first time I had ever seen anything like it with my own eyes. It looked like a human but just more dead but still alive at the same time, it’s like the dead are coming back to life but they’re not them they’re something else, they’re an animal, a creature from myths or children’s bed time stories. Only in real life these are a lot more horrifying, they’re mouths are filled with flesh, they’re skin all peeled and wrinkly, they had sunken eyes which glow blue.

Unfortunately, the one that Deans killed was not the last of them. The other ones must have heard the gun shot so when the bang of the bullet faded there was a deafening scream of hundreds of the creatures all at once. There was then a rumble of footsteps, the footsteps of an army of running flesh eating creatures. Owen told us about some old books he read about creatures like these they were referred to as “Zombies” so that is what we started calling them. Dean said “The only choice is to kill these Zombies”. But specifically, he said to me “that’s an order”. So, as you would have guessed it’s the same drill again ask no questions just follow the order. We all cocked our weapons and began to run towards the Zombies making sure we were shooting their heads because Owen told us that’s the way to kill them for sure. But after killing about 34 of them we were beginning to run out of ammunition, which led to us being trapped back with the wooden box. Zombies were closing in fast and our knives wouldn’t be able to keep them back for long especially when they’re in groups. So, Owen said “we only have one option”, then he opened the wooden box them jumped in it. When he opened it the same light from earlier on started glowing out of the box, which got me worried, very worried, because I thought the same thing would happen and somebody would get killed like what happened to Eads but once again I was wrong and even more paranormal shit started. Colin jumped into the glowing box then was thrown back out somehow then instead of a bear coming out the box a constant cycle of weapons was occurring in mid-air above the open box until eventually presenting us with a Blaser F3- which is a shotgun-. Deans moved Colin out of his way and grabbed the slowing descending shotgun and started popping caps into all the zombies in the surrounding area which gave us all enough times to open the box and wait for a randomly selected gun to grab and lock and load. So now we were all loaded up with our own unique weapons from the box. It took us at least an hour to mow down most the zombies and I was running past the moving truck which still seemed to be in tact until I came around the corner and this big bulky looking Zombie with a metal helmet on came running towards me, nobody’s bullets were working against this Zombie so clearly, we were screwed. Until there was a big BANG! From high in the sky, which us being the ones who launched the missile know exactly what a missile getting ready for impact looks like so the only thing thought we could do was go inside, so we did but we were still getting chased by the metal head Zombie but just before the zombie could make it outside the object from the sky had landed on top of the zombie crushing it, so that was one problem solved, then we had to think about what the hell was this object that just fell from the sky. I honestly had no clue but Colin did he said it was from the cafeteria inside the facility we were teleported from. I wouldn’t know this because I was rarely anywhere in that facility besides the control room -which was where we were teleported from. The object was a drink dispenser, it was tall, yellow, and in the shape of a cuboid. Owen said “I could really do with a drink” so he kicked the dispenser and a glass bottle with yellow liquid rolled out. It had a logo of a stick man running in a very cartoonish way. After everything I had seen today I honestly gave up trying to predict what would happen because all my other prediction had been very wrong and have just turned out to be intensely paranormal situations. So, Owen being himself as usual, not thinking before he does something, popped the cap of the bottle and began downing the drink. He started claiming that his legs were feeling tingly and started vibrating. Suddenly as if magic he starts to run fast. Deans explains that its increasing his Stamina which means if we drink it we have a better chance of out running the Zombies, so we all kicked the machine and our drinks rolled out. We all took a swig of our drink. it honestly tastes disgusting, like horse urine. But hey I can’t complain, I can run fast now just like the characters in the comic books I used to read. We ran while knifing and shooting Zombies down at an incredible speed.

After a while of some very gory killing I began to realise that the faces of these Zombies all though dead they looked familiar, they were the people that were left behind in the facility, so I wondered is this what The Doctor planned all along to turn this people into monsters. This is a pure example of inhumane experiments. How could anyone allow him to do this. I thought that maybe the people would have signed up to do this but who in the right mind would sign up to that, even if they were getting paid for it, I don’t think all the money in the world would change their mind. Honestly when I think back to when I saw them when I was on the Jeep getting driven to the facility they looked sad almost as if they wanted to go but they had no choice but to stay so if my logic is correct these people must have been kept there under their own will.

I began do feel dizzy, I kept thinking about the group of people that were left behind, my vison was beginning to get blurry, I stood there watching Colin, Owen and Deans fighting of the horde of Zombies. Then I just collapsed to the ground blacking out.

Next thing I know I wake up, I’m no longer in the town I’m now in a dark room I’m strapped to the chair unable to move anything except my head, there was a silver table on front of me with a small TV on it. I heard some static and then the TV turned on, a video began to play, it was the town as it was before the explosion, then it was a view from a widow of a plane flying around the town, there’s a flash of light then an object going towards the town, the object that was falling it looked familiar I knew exactly what it was it was the missile and as what happened the last time I saw that missile it hit the town making a massive explosion with a mushroom cloud to follow. The video then stopped. Then the TV turned off. It was silent for a few moments. Until I began to hear footsteps of dress style shoes echoing on the concrete floor of the dark hollow room I was in, the footsteps began to sound closer and closer until I could see a tall dark figure of a man slowly approaching me. I was starting to get really scared I was hoping that I could get out of this place before this man does something to me. I then close my eyes and hope for the best. I was then hearing gun fire, I was then thinking that somebody is here to help me but the I hear a loud Zombie shriek, I then open my eyes to find out I’m back in the town with Colin and Owen dragging me away from the Zombies whilst Deans was keeping them away. When I was wishing to get out of that room waking up in the town wasn’t one of the places I was hoping to end up in but I guess it was better than finding what the man would have down to me, it could have been a fate much worse than being ripped to shreds by a Zombie but what could possibly be as bad as getting your flesh torn by one of those creatures.

I was dragged into the house across the street where I was placed on the couch, Deans told us to all stay quiet for a few minutes, I asked him way and he said that the Zombies react to noise so if we stay out of site and out of the hearing area of the Zombies we’ll be fine. Once the zombies had given up trying to bang the door down we had decided we need to come up with a plan to get out of there because we couldn’t just stay there forever and we couldn’t leave straight away anyway because it was about 8:30pm so it was starting to get very dark and I doubt you’d want to be outside in the dark with the Zombies running around.

We had originally planned to get the last Jeep that was left there but then we decided it was best if we had taken a bigger vehicle so if we were to face a massive horde of zombies we can just push through them. There was one last decision we had to decide on which was whether we should take the moving truck or the bus because if we took the moving truck we could carry more supplies but if we took the school bus we could carry more people that we find on the way, well that’s if anyone had survived. We decided on taking the school bus. Since we had decided on how we would get out we decided to get some much-needed rest, we took shifts on keeping look out just to make sure there was no Zombies trying to get into the house.

It was the next morning we decided to get to the box to get some new weapons before we left so we sneaked past the Zombies silently killing them with our knives if needed, once we could to the box we all opened it to receive our weapons from the weapon cycle, We got a good amount of guns which we put into three different duffle bags we found from the Jeep previously that morning, we managed to fill all three of the bags. So once again we sneaked past the Zombies stabbing them in the side of the head when they got to close then eventually making it to the doors of the school bus, the doors were locked so Owen smashed the glass of the doors, grabbed the lever and pulled it, then moved his arm out the way for the doors to open we all climbed in the bus but when Owen smashed the window it attracted the Zombies so they came running across so Deans was standing at the open doors shooting all the Zombies and Me and Colin were shooting the zombies through the windows to stop them from climbing in or getting to close to Deans whilst Owen was trying to start up the bus. After about 2 minutes he got the bus starting and began to drive away, Deans and Colin were both still shooting at the Zombies running by the bus and shooting the ones still hanging of the sides of the bus, as for me I was just gazing at the sign that said the population of the town was 42, I don’t know what it was but I just felt as though it meant something as though it was trying to warn me or tell me about something.

Some of the Zombies kept on chasing the bus but they eventually gave up and they now just walk around slowly with nowhere else to go, some even just stand their staring into nothing, they’re just brain dead. As long as they weren’t near me I don’t care where they go, they went nowhere but us we are going back to the facility and ask The Doctor some questions and I am not going to take it easy on him. It didn’t take us too long to get there but the entire trip I was wishing that we had killed all the Zombies that were in the town but wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway because we had only just made it out alive. When the bus finally got to the facility I knew that everyone of us on that bus was angry and wanted to get answers immediately or just vengeance for what we had just been through. Honestly, I had never felt so happy to see the sign “Facility 746” because I’m finally out that dreadful town and I’m now going to avenge those people who had been turned by The Doctors evil. I walked in there with one hell of a grin on my face, a grin to show I was ready to get what I wanted but that grin disappeared after we walked into the control room. We walked into the control room and there was no sign of The Doctor or life at all. There were just bodies lying there, at first I thought it must have been Zombies that did this but it was not zombies because these men were not bitten or torn apart they had bullet wounds in their heads. We searched all the bodies hoping that one of them was The Doctor but none of them were but there was one body we were glad to see, it was Eads lying in a hospital bed, his hands weren’t there so we now know what happened to his body. Although he was dead it made us feel better to know that he isn’t missing we know he is now lying in peace and was not killed by a Zombie. We knew The Doctor must have fled and killed everyone so they couldn’t have stopped him from escaping so we began to search for evidence of where he might of went to. We couldn’t really find much because most of the files had been burnt in a metal bin so The Doctor must have been up to something he really doesn’t want to get could doing if he took the precaution of burning everything so nobody could see it. But then I did in fact encounter something that could possibly be useful for finding out where he could have gone. I found a lot of stuff to do with Bio-Weapons during The Second World War and these had pictures of test subjects which looked a lot the Zombies that we saw but these ones were dressed in military uniforms so that means they were test subjects for the army but not just and army it was The Nazi Army. This put us all in shock because we had found out after all this time we had been working for someone who has been following the directions of a failed Nazi Super Soldier experiment but The Doctor didn’t seem like he wanted to succeed in making a successful Super Soldier he wanted an exact replica of the Failed attempt, I think he wanted it so that he could wipe out entire populations. Which I guess the files from The World War show what he was trying to achieve with the experiments but it’s what Owen had discovered that got us all even more confused, he managed to dig out some schematics for a machine that would transport him to different places throughout History, Owen referred to it as a Time Machine which meant we had even more of a challenge trying to find The Doctor because now he could be anywhere in the world at any point in time. Colin came up with an idea which would mean that The Doctor couldn’t get the idea to even create the Zombies, we were going to go back to The Second World War find out where the experiments were taken place and take out whoever was in charge but there was only one problem, we had no clue where the Time Machine was. We did think that if the Doctor went to a different point in history the time machine would follow him where ever he goes but on a closer inspection The Time Machine is used by creating an Interlink, meaning that for him to teleport somewhere there will need to be a base plate in both locations so yet again began another search for one of The Doctors mysterious devices. The base plate had to be somewhere inside the facility because all the cars that were outside had not been touched. The experiment rooms ranged from rooms 036 to 056, luckily that wasn’t much of a range so finding what we needed couldn’t have been so hard and I said hard not disturbing. Each room had very horrifying subject in it most of them looked like the Zombies but they were clearly just failed attempts of what he eventually created, some were just puddles of flesh, some had missing limbs, others had extra limbs with gave them large struggles in mobility. The was 042 that was the room that the Base Plate was in, 042 that was the number that was on the population sign that was what it was trying to tell me, that number 42 was the room. The room that would help us find The Doctor. Then the question came how we would control the device, fortunately the device was simple to use, we just had to pull the lever to get electricity running through it then stand on the plate so that is exactly what we done. It wasn’t until the lightning began to rise around us that I realised how do we know where we are going, I looked over to the control panel and realised the time was set to June 4th 1942, Nuremberg Castle, Germany.








End of Chapter I


The Doctor's Creatures Chapter II: The Castle

The lightning began to fade away, it worked, we were in Germany during World War II. We had teleported on front of an old castle it looked round about 12th century, I didn’t really know but it was old. The castle had obviously occupied by the German army because hanging from the front and sides of the castle were long red banners with a swastika in the middle of it but for a military occupied place it was very quiet, there was nobody going in or coming out. We shouldn’t take the risk of being seen outside so we ran inside but to our surprise once we got through the doors of the castle the place was dead, there was nobody inside, it was abandoned, it didn’t even look like they packed up and left or they even tried to, it looks like everything was just left as it was, as if it had been evacuated. Was this the work of The Doctor, did he send these people away to make more creatures, maybe it wasn’t The Doctor, maybe it was the scientist that started this whole thing in the first place but I didn’t care who it was all I knew is that it was evil and someone was going to pay for it, I didn’t care which one it was as long as they were dead and couldn’t do anymore harm. Out of the both of them it would be better if the scientist that influenced The Doctor to begin these experiments because if he’s gone the Zombies would have never been a thing and then many lives would be saved.

We looked around for a bit trying to see if there was any sign of The Doctor, Owen said “I think The Doctor must have left with everybody else.” I agreed with him because The Doctor did always seem like a coward. It was clear that the place had been abandoned until a few seconds later. I began to hear footsteps but I didn’t take much notice because I thought I was just being paranoid but it wasn’t until the quiet footsteps started to become loud thumps, the loud thumps got everyone’s attention. We all made sure we stayed aware of our surroundings because any of the three things that could jump out on us are bad, Nazis, Zombies or even Nazi Zombies. We decided the best precaution to take was to board up the doors and windows so nobody got get in from the outside so me and Colin got some big crates that were in the building and piled them on front of the doors with leaning chairs to keep the handles up, then we helped Deans and Owen board up the windows with some wooden planks that we broke off from the crates that me and Colins never used. It then fell silent and after all the activity when boarding up the windows we completely forgot about the thumping sounds we had heard earlier, that is until it started again but this time the thumping was getting louder and had muffled screams. Suddenly, there was a massive bang which was a door that was at the top of the stair case behind us had swung open and then there was a terrifying scream which we all knew was familiar it was the scream of the Zombie, one of the moments I had dread, hearing that frightful scream of one of those creatures. Deans was quick to act, before the Zombie could reach the bottom of the stairs he had already put a bullet through the head of it. As it tumbled down the stairs a countless number of screams came from behind the door way from where the first Zombie came from. All four of us in I fighting stance with our weapons aimed directly at the door. When they hoard came running through the room we were in became completely lit and made one hell of a bloody mess on the stairs, they were completely red with the blood of those rotting corpses. There was this one zombie I saw pulling itself from the pile of other zombies when it got out it was still dragging itself, this confused me because most zombies that fall will just stand back up but as it crawled forward I realised it had no legs and after realising that 9 other zombies started crawling out towards me so I guess it looked like we didn’t get completely all of them. It was very creepy because for things with their legs blown off they seem to crawl fast, I then gunned them down before they could get any closer to me.

From the top of the stairs there was a sound that got all of our attention, it was a man laughing and sarcastically clapping his hands, I remember how he looked perfectly he was a very tall man he was wearing a black military hat but you could still see some of his blonde hair, the rest of his uniform is black as well with a red band around his arm with the Nazi symbol on it but the one thing that really scared me about this guy was his big black boots, I don’t know why it intimidates me so much, it just does. After the man, had finished laughing and clapping he stopped at the top of the stairs, looked down at us and said “I am very impressed in how you handled the situation with my Zombies, I’ve never seen anything more entertaining”.

But before he could even finish what he was saying Colin interrupted him, shouting “do you know how much you’ve put us through”.

While running at full speed towards the man at the top of the stairs. The man just watched him run up at him but before Colin could reach him the man quickly crouched and pulled out an oddly shaped red pistol that fired something that looked like a green ring or some sort of energy that sent Colin tumbling back down the stairs. We caught Colin and we all just stared at the man, the main stared back at us for about 5 seconds and turned around and said “see you soon”, then just disappeared in a bolt of lightning, which as we are guessing meant he teleported because we’ve seen that lighting enough times to know what it does to the person who disappears as it appears. 

The strange man that appeared had given away information he probably wished he didn’t, he had told us that he created the Zombies, there for that makes him the person we were hunting for, he’s the man who inspired the doctor to make the creatures.

A few moments later there was a bolt of lightning that came through the roof of the castle and hit the floor behind the piled-up boxes at the other end of the room. It startled us, we thought the strange man had come back to finish us off so we all got our guns ready and slowly approached the other end of the room. When we got to the boxes we looked around them prepared for the man to shoot us at any moment but there was no man there just another box but not just any old box it was the weapon box that disappeared at the test site. That certainly lightened up our moods it was just like Christmas, we all opened the box one by one restocking on ammunition and receiving new guns. Once we got our weapons sorted we had to continue with our plan to kill the man who created the creatures and stopping the experiments from ever happening.Besides the obvious point of trying to find out where the man had teleported to, we had to first know our surrounding area, which luckily, we were in a castle which looked to be higher than most of the surrounding structures. Our luck wasn’t all amazing because to get to the top we had to go up the stairs in which there was a hoard of zombies and a strange man that appeared from there so walking up the stairs was one of the most unsettling feelings I could have had.

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