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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Delilah . Stunning with deep purple eyes , jet black hair , a body a model would worship . She is the sweetest person you could ever meet but also the unluckiest . At least , until her almost-aunt has another asthametic attack and ends up in the hospital for a few days where Delilah meets a bunch of teenage guys about 2-3 years older than her , in search of a place to stay while their brother is in their hospital . Not knowing how drastically her life would change , Delilah offers them one .

Brad Slater. A blue-eyed , blonde-haired player with a muscular body , that every girl ogles. His mask displays a mean, selfish guy that doesn't care about anyone . But inside , he has a secret . One bigger than all of the others.

So , what happens when Brad and Delilah meet ? Will they fall in love or remain unaquanted people and be just another person they bumped into ?

Hey ,guys . This is my first story here and i hope you like it!! Anyways , since English is not my first language , i apologize for any grammatical mistakes .

--------------------------------------- \"Is she alright ?\" Delilah asked . \"Yeah . She's fine . Just another minor attack .\" the doctor replied . \"Can i see her ?\" Delilah asked . When the doctor nodded , she walked into the room , and sat by the hospital bed . She suddenly realized that she and the old woman were not the only ones in the room . There was another hospital bed where a guy looking like he had been beaten by a baseball bat , was looking at her . \"Ouch ! That must have hurt .\"Delilah said getting up and walking towards the guy . He opened his mouth to speak , but Delilah stoppe him saying that it would hurt if he did .Then she introduced herself as Delilah and instead of asking for his name ,checked his file which hung . \"William Hockings.\"she said putting down the file . For the next few hours , she talked to him , his only encouraging response being a nod , a roll of eyes or a confused look , or a bored look or a small smile . When the doctor came in , he stood ,aghast . \"How did you do that ?\" he asked Delilah . \"Do what ?\" she asked , confused . \"Make him respond . He has been paraylyzed for the past two weeks .\" the doctor said , still surprised . Delilah turned to Will who was smiling and asked , \"You were paralyzed ?\" When Will nodded , she turned back towards the doctor and with a shurg of her delicate shoulders , said , \"Well , its a good thing then , isn't it ?\" The doctor smiled at her then after checking both the patients , he left . Delilah sat down again and said , \"You could have told me . I would have let you rest .\" Will smirked and said , \"Its not like you would let me say anything .\" Then winced at the pain . \"See , i told you .\" Delilah said .\"You American ?\" she asked . He tried to nod .

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delilah's P.O.V. It looked like he wasn't in the mood to talk so i grabbed my book and sat down cross-legged on the stool by my aunt's bed . It was pretty boring and i soon fell asleep . I woke up when i heard someone bang the door shut . Forgetting i was sitting on a stool, i fell down on my butt , hitting my head hard on the table in the process. \"Ouch !\" i said rubbing my head .i got up and suddenly noticed that the small room was crowded . But the weird thing was all of them wer guys . Seriously , Will had a twin and there was another set of twins and a man in his forties .They were having what looked like a heated conversation . \"Of course , its always been about work . You've been like this since mom died . You need to remember that you've got kids and a life outside of work .\"Will said . The man's face paled for a second but he quickly regained his posture . \"Look , we'll discuss that later . Now , the thing is since there aren't any hotels here , and your uncle is coming with me and he doesn't trust you guys with his house , you will have to come with me .\" he said . \"Dad , didn't you hear what the doctor said ? He can't fly for another week .\"Will's twin said. They all were silent for a minute , so I took the chance to say something . \"I don't mean to interfere but i've got a place where you guys could stay .\"

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \"Wait here . I've got to go and get the keys .\"Delilah said once they stopped outside the foster home . She left without waiting for an answer and returned a few minutes later with a fat bunch of keys in her hand . She jogged over to them and after a fifteen-minute walk , they reached a modern-looking cottage . Delilah opened the door and switched on the light . The room lit up and all of them looked around , impressed on seeing that it was clean and tied . Delilah had already moved on and was opening the other doors . They explored the house , then went into the kitchen where Delilah was taking out things from the fridge . \"Here's your dinner . If you guys need anything , just call me .\" She threw Will's twin ,Scott the bunch of keys and left her number on the fridge before going out the door . She returned two seconds later , and said , \"Guys , just don't go in there , okay ?\" gesturing to the closed door . She left without waiting for an answer . They all looked around the house which seemed pretty big in the inside . \"You know , now that we think about it , how does she have the keys to this place ?\"one of the triplets , Luke said .\"Probably her parent's .\"his brother , Chris suggested . \"Why did she stop in front of the orphanage then ?\" Sean , the third triplet questioned . \"Oh come on , its none of our buisness .Lets unpack.\" Scott , the most sensitive of the five said .They shrugged and went to their respective rooms . Scott and Sean were in one room and and Chris and Luke in the other . After unpacking , they all decided to call it an early night and went to sleep .

----------------------next morning----------------------------------------------- \"Wake up guys !\"Delilah's voice echoed through the house .The guys groaned in their rooms . They all stumbled into the kitchen where she was making pancakes , all bare-chested and in boxers . Delilah covered her eyes and said , \"Guys ! Put on some clothes please .\" They all smirked at each other .\"Well , girls are usually begging us to show us this body !\" Luke said flexing his muscles . \"Well , i am not . At least put on some pants .\" she said still not removing her hands from her eyes . They all grumbled but got up and walked to their and walked in two minutes later with pants on . Delilah was eating her pancakes , sitting on the stool . She wrinkled her nose on seeing them half-naked . Although all of them had a six-pack , she preferred if they kept it hidden beneath their clothes . They gave her puzzled looks and Will said, \"Where's our breakfast ?\" She looked up . \"Oh , sorry . i thought that you guys would want to ....never mind . Anyways , will pancakes be fine for you guys ?\" They all nodded . She put her plate in the sink and started on making the pancakes . She gave them some orange juice with the pancakes . \"I've got to go to work , so i'll see you guys at night .\" Before they could ask anything , she rushed out the door , leaving them alone. She hurried towards the supermarket where she worked as a cashier. Her boss smiled warmly at her as she put on her uniform and got to work . By the time it was break time , she was starving and exhausted . She entered the coffee shop where she worked as waitress in the evenings and sat down on one of the tables . She put her head in her hands and ordered a bottle of water and a chocolate muffin . The muffin didn't finsh off her hunger but gave her enough energy to get to work when her shift started . She went to the first table to take the order and asked the guys for their order . \"Coffee and a chocolate chip muffin for each of us please .\"said a decent looking one after the others had stopped making comments about her appearence .She nodded and hurried away and came back five minutes laters with two trays . She put them down on the table and without saying another word , hurried away . When she stopped to take the order of the family , her pale face broke into a beautiful smile as she leaned to hug one of the small kids . \"So , can i get you something ?\" she said smiling . She took their order and for the rest of the evening hurried from table to table . By the time her shift ended , she was exhausted and ready to collapse any minute . But being the selfless person she was , she headed towards the cottage and opened the door with the extra key . She found all of them sitting on the couches in the living room , looking as bored as hell . \"I guess i should have warned you guys that theres not much to do here .\"she said . They all nodded. \"Need anything ?\"she asked . They shook their head . Guess they weren't in the mood to talk , she said , \"I'll see you tomorrow.\" With that she left , preparing herself for the pain she would suffer once she got back to the orphanage . Meanwhile , the guys felt bad for ignoring her when she was providing them with a place and food . The next morning , they found her preparing eggs and again served them with juice . They noticed the bruises on her arms and face and asked her about it . She just said that she fell . Before they could apologize , she left saying that she would be back at night . After an exhausting day , she returned looking pale . When she saw what they were doing , she burst out laughing and all the colour came back to her face. Scott and Luke were on all fours with Chris and Sean were sitting on them having a sword fight with each other while the two moved around \"What are you guys doing ?\" They looked at her and their cheeks flushed , embarassed on beeing seen on playing such a childish game . \"Forget it . Anyways , i am free tomorrow . Wanna do something ?\" \"Sure.\" -----------------------------------------------

Here is the first chap. Anyways , tell me if you want any pics , will ya ? And don't forget to comment !!

Submitted: December 05, 2010

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It's great!! I'm excited to read more!

Sun, December 5th, 2010 1:04pm


thnx !! You're the first person to comment and glad you liked it:)

Mon, December 6th, 2010 12:33am

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