Death Pond

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When a new family moves into the new house. The daughter finds a pond that's haunted by a demon. After she leaves the pond the demon starts to haunt them and pick them off.

Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012



The wind blew violently as the family drove up to their new house. Andrew the father of the family stepped out of the car he was tall and skinny with brown short hair and blue eyes. As he walked towards the house carrying his suitcase and bags his wife Angelina followed him up to the house. The kids sobbed as they thought about living in this new house because their mother had raised them in their old house and now she is gone.

As they walked into the house the house the floorboards creaked with a high pitch sound like a little girl screaming. The kids could tell the house was old but now how old it was. Cindy who was 14 with long blond hair and her brother Jack who was 16 with short brown hair walked upstairs. Jack walked up first as he was walking one of the stairs collapsed right under him. He almost fell over and hit his head. They were mad that they had too share a room. They started to put their clothes and items away. Cindy screamed and jumped back at what she saw, there was a dead rat with bite marks in the dresser.

The next morning Cindy got up while Jack was still asleep. She went downstairs she found a note “Me and Angelina went to the store to get some food and drinks we should be back at around 3pm , Love you guys dad.” She went outside to go check it out after looking around for a couple of minutes she found a dirt path. She was very fickle of if she should go down the path and see what is there or stay back at the house. She went down the path it eventually led into the dark and terrifying woods Cindy thought. The further she went into the woods the more scared and nervous she got. It got darker the further back she went as the trees and clouds cast shadows into the woods. When she finally reached the end after walking for 20 minutes she found a little pond. She noticed that it had a odd smell to it like death almost. There was also a strange color to it instead of it being blue or green it was almost black. She looked around the pond all the flowers and trees that were blooming with life at the start of the trail are now dead. She screamed as she felt something grab her shoulder tightly.

Jack woke up and noticed that Cindy was missing. He thought she just got up and went downstairs. He went back to sleep for about 30 minutes or so. He got up freaking out so he went downstairs to find her, she was nowhere to be found. He got on his shoes and his Thick blue coat and ran outside to find Cindy. He noticed the dirt path he saw foot prints on it so he sprinted down the path.

Cindy turned around to find a creepy old man with long gray hair with knots in it and crooked teeth. She whispered “Who are you?” with a fearful voice. He said “My name is scott” with a heavy Irish accent. She said “What are you doing here? Please don’t hurt me” He told her “Im here to save ye from dis pond it is very dangerous and has many secrets ye will never understand.” The creepy old man turned around and walked away into the mist of the woods.

Jack finally found Cindy he yelled at her “Where the hell have you been?” She said back to him “I went out to look around what does it matter to you?” He didn’t respond to that, she decided to not tell him about the old man that she had talked too. As they walked back they kept fighting and arguing. When they got back to the house it was 4pm they were worried why there dad was not back yet. She tried calling him there was no answer. They were freaking out it was about to get dark out and she was scared that man would come back. A hour later they finally arrived. Cindy started to run to the car then she noticed that Angelina’s right arm was covered in blood.

They both ran over to Angelina’s side of the car to help out of the car. When Jack opened the door she fell onto the cold rocky barren ground and she screamed with pain. They all rushed to help her into the house which was not easy to do because of her size. They all gently set her down on the couch and helped her as much as they could. Andrew told the kids they would talk about what happened the next day.

The next morning Andrew went and got the kids up and brought  them into the kitchen to talk to them. Jack and Cindy both asked “What happened?” at the same time. Their dad said “Well we were on our way back to the house and there was this old creepy looking guy with long gray ha..” Cindy screamed and ran up the stairs and shut her door and locked it. Jack and his dad ran up the stairs after her. Their dad banged on the door over and over before she finally unlocked the door. Cindy decided to tell them that she saw that old man in the woods the other day.

Later that night when everyone was asleep Angelina got up and walked out the door into the cold and dark night. She kept walking until she got to the dirt trail. She saw an illusion of her dead sister. The illusion said to her “The pond is where you will be at bay,  the pond is where you must lay for every single day.” Angelina kept walking towards the pond. When she finally got to the pond she spewed out vomit all over the ground. When she got to the edge of the pond she could see reflections of her dead family members that she loved the most. They all grabbed her and dragged her into the pond killing her at the bottom of the pond.

The next day Cindy got up and noticed Angelina was gone. She went and got her dad to tell him. He freaked out when Cindy told him that she was missing. They started to search for her they couldn’t find her anywhere. They eventually called 9-11. It seemed like forever before the cops arrived to the house but in reality it was only 15 minutes. Andrew told the cops about everything that had happened the cops said to him ”Sorry but we can’t start searching for your wife until she has been missing for at least 48 hours.”

After the cops left Cindy and her dad went to the pond to check it out Cindy they both had a feeling that something had gone wrong there. As they were walking to the pond it kept getting darker the further back they went into the woods as the shadows of the trees enclosed on them. When they got close enough too see the pond they saw the old man. Andrew told her to stay there and be quiet and don’t move! He started to walk towards the old man trying to be stealthy. When he was about 10 yards away from him he charged at him.

Jack finally woke up at noon. He started to hear whispers as soon as he woke up but he couldn’t make up what they said. He started to head downstairs the more he went down his stomach and head started to hurt more and more. He noticed that everyone was gone so he thought they went to the doctors or something so he didn’t bother to call his dad or sister. He went into the kitchen he started too make a sandwich trying to ignore the pain it kept getting worse every passing moment. He felt like he had to vomit so he ran to the door to go outside and vomit. As soon as he touched the door he passed out and slammed right onto the wooden floor, it was like something didn’t want him to leave the house.

The old man punched Andrew in the stomach he yelled in pain and fell to the ground. Cindy knew that her dad couldn’t take on the man by him self. She ran into the fight to help her dad, the old man drew a knife when she got close and grabbed her he was choking her. He slit her throat he could feel her warm gooey bright red blood run down his cold and bony fingers. He laughed as he watched her die in his hands. Andrew screamed but no noise came out. He walked over to the edge of the pond with Cindy’s dead body. He whispered to her “I told ye to stay away from the pond what the hell is wrong with ye?” He threw her lifeless body into the pond. Arms started to wrap around her body and pulled her body underwater to be never be seen again. The old man walked over to Andrew who was crying and started to kick him. He grabbed him by the hair and started to drag him away into dark forest.

Jack woke back up he didn’t feel any pain hell me didn’t even remember what had happened to him. When Jack stood up he started to hear the whispers again but now he could make out what they were saying. “The cellar is where you shall find the answers.” Jack was confused out of his mind he didn’t even what that meant and he didn’t think the house had a cellar. He started to search around the house he checked the kitchen, living room, bathrooms he couldn’t find any sort of cellar anywhere. He had one last place to look he walked over to the closet he walked into he didn’t see anything. He was leaving the closet when he stepped on a rug and noticed that the floor felt different that any other place in the house. He picked up the rug and he found a handle. He pulled on the handle and a piece of the floor came up.

He walked down the stairs into the cellar. It had a musty smell to it, when he turned on the light he saw spider webs, dead rats and mice, and huge bugs. All that was really in there was a table with a journal on it. He walked over to the table he picked up the journal he tried to open it but he noticed that it had a lock on it. He looked around the room for stuff to break the lock with a huge rock caught his eye. He picked up the rock and started to slam it into the journal, it finally opened. He started to flip through the book the first thing it said was “Property of scott”. He continued too read a lot of the entries in the journal were useless to Jack. He found one page that stood out to him. “My whole family is dead they disappeared I don’t know how. I am scared and freezing hiding in this cellar from the demon that haunts the woods and this house I hear something abo…” Dated 10/19/1902.

Andrew found him self nailed to a tree in the complete pitch black night in the middle of the woods. All of a sudden a fire springs up in front of him. He started to see the old mans face hiding behind the fire. The old man started to speak to him “Ye know there is a demon of the pond don’t ye? No family has ever survived him and I will be damned if I start to let them live know!” Andrew said “What is wrong with you? You crazy bastard!” The old man started to torture Andrew first he started to stick splinters under all of his finger nails and toe nails he smiled as he watched the blood ooze from his fingers and toes. Next he pulled out a metal rod he stuck it in the fire he stuck right into Andrew’s skin he screamed with agonizing pain. The more he screamed the more the old man laughed. Next the old man pulled out a knife he started to cut Andrew all over his body, the old man walked away from his body leaving him to bleed to death and leaving the crows to pick at his rotting decaying corpse.

Jack knew that something was wrong after he read the journal. All of a sudden he felt the air getting hot. He left the cellar to check it out, Jack had realized that the house had caught fire. He dashed outside not getting anything. With the flames of the house lighting up the yard and the woods he could see a figure of a man he thought it was his dad so he ran to it. When he got to the man he realized it was the old man his sister told them about and that attacked his stepmom. He yelled at him “What have you done with my family?” The old man just smiled and laughed.

The house’s flames roared with anger as they got bigger. Jack ran to the car he got in it to realize there were no keys in the car. He locked all the doors and windows. The old man ran to the car he smashed the window and grabbed Jack and pulled him out of the car and threw him on the ground. The old man picked him up he snapped his arm. Jack screamed with pain as his arm broke. Jack feel to the ground he found a knife that the old man must have dropped he picked it up and he stabbed the old man. The knife went right through his flesh just like warm butter. The old man’s wounds healed instantly he picked up Jack he stared right into Jack’s eyes with his cold dead stare. All of a sudden the Old man started to wrinkle rapidly he fell to the ground dead.

Jack got up and couldn’t control his body his legs were taking him to the pond, Jack had realized that the demon had took over his body. When he got to the edge of the pond he saw reflections of his mom, sister, and dad standing there saying “Join us in the pond of death.” He jumped right in dying right away.

The demon of the pond now lingers in the woods waiting for the next hopeless family to move into the house, and to slaughter them all like the dirty little swine that they are.

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