a love so wrong

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Submitted: November 13, 2009

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Submitted: November 13, 2009



Its not your look
Its not the things that you say
Its not even the way you look at me
But , its just the way you make me feel ,
That made me crazy and obsessed to you my dear,
But , they all said the same thing , ‘we weren’t meant to be together’ ,
Is it because of all the lies ,
Is it because I made you mad and sad ,
Or Is it just because of me
That made them said that ?
But I don’t care what they say , I’m loving you anyway .

All I ever wanted is that kiss of yours ,
But your just making me feel like a dirt ,
Because you know that I couldn’t resist you , ‘cause I can’t hide my love to you ,
Which means ,
I couldn’t help falling in love with you …

Today ,
It seems that everything is going wrong ,
You won’t even give me a chance to hold you tight ,
So , you better turn around ,
‘cause I don’t want you to see me cry all night long .

My world is spinning fast ,
Its like I’m lost in the sea ,
Why wont you make it easy on me ?
You told me that you love somebody aside from me ,
So , are we over ? …
Because I just realized that our love is slipping away …

I cant believe that I was so blind ,
I didn’t saw that you never really cared for me at all ,
So as I close my eyes last night ,
I realized that I can say that I love you ,
But , I guess they’re right ,
We really weren’t meant to be together …

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