The unlikely story

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How the ugly duckling started.

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012






Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom named Sheeron, a girl named Leanna was born. She was not ordinary if you observed closely enough but not many did. Don’t get me wrong, she was very beautiful with long light brown hair, big green eyes, a dazzling smile and lovely figure. She is gifted with animals and can take great care of them and handle them, this is why she has a job with looking after a rich mans prize collection. She gets a hefty pay too, soon she was one of the richest peasants in the kingdom, it didn’t take long, as you can imagine, for some people to get jealous.


When she walked down halls or around the corner other peasants would turn their head and notice her. Most of them were boys, but she had no time for them, she was not looking for a relationship, but the kings son was! He was misbehaved and rude with a completely cocky smile that when he did gave off the smell of alcohol, however he was handsome. When Leanna was taking a walk in the woods one day, Thomas (the kings sons name) followed her until Leanna had reached the edge of the lake, where she was feeding the little ducklings. And approached with a careful tread. Leanna wasn’t stupid though and knew for some time that someone was following her, as soon as she could tell he was behind her, she lashed out and Thomas fell to the ground.


His face of absolute shock was priceless and that just added to the fact he fell in duck plop and it covered his tailored trouser bottoms. Leanna’s hands flow to her face in disbelief, after all, she did just punch the PRINCE in the face, she jumped to his side and said “I AM SOOO SORRY!”

“Oh really because that makes it so much better, doesn’t it?” He said perplexed.

“No. Really! Is there anything I can do to make up for what I have just done?”

“ Its alright it has already happened there is nothing for you to do, you don’t find me rude sneaking up on you do you?”

“Well, umm, since I just punched you in the face, I suppose that no, not really. Are you SURE I can’t do anything for you?”

“No, really it is ok.”

“Okay,” she put her hand out to pull him up from the ground, “I suppose this is goodbye then.” And with that she picked up her basket of breadcrumbs and left the scene with her face bright red.


It was getting quite dark on her way back and this time she didn’t notice the person behind her in time and was captured and drugged, though she might not be aware it was a man who was loyal to her true soul mate here to take her to him. A few hours later she found herself in a pitch black room with her hands tied to a metal bed. She screamed and screamed and screamed until her voice went hoarse from it, only then did a little ray of candlelight come from a door that she could not see. She thrashed against her ropes even when they bled and continued still. When the man with the candle saw that she was hurting herself more and more, he rushed to her side and whispered in her ear “It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re safe.”


This did not have the desired effect he wished for in fact the complete opposite. She thrashed her legs out until the muscles burned, he lifted up the candle to his face, then Leanna saw that it was, Thomas. The prince who she nearly knocked out in the woods! She whispered “Thomas?”

“Yes! Yes my love! It’s me! Thomas!”

“What do you mean ‘my love’? And what’s happening? I was walking home and then suddenly black. A figure. I remember a figure behind me. Thomas. Thomas! We must get out of here!” Even in the candlelight, Leanna could see Thomas go bright red and bight his lip slightly. “Thomas! What are you not telling me?”

“We don’t have to leave yet once we get to know each other then tell me and we will then go out with each other. And then you will be my queen,” he tried to explain.

“What? Thomas? Just, just… just let me out of these ropes, get me home. Please!”

“Of course my love it kills me to see you in pain, but your plans of running away wont work you need to let the drugs pass through your system,” he said. Leanna’s eyes were bright with disbelief, “Thomas! Please! I shall not run away. I promise. I promise my love. I will be your queen, just let me out of the damned ropes!” His eyes glistened with pleasure; he moved and undid the ropes and his face twisted in genial discomfort when he saw the blood, he obviously cared for her. When Leanna felt the force slacken on her wrists she immediately acted. “Thank you my love. Now kiss me!” Thomas leaned forward with his lips puckered. WHAM! Leanna had smacked him hard on the face. He fell to the floor, the keys rolling off his belt.


She jumped into action and curled her hand around the keys. Wow the feeling was truly overwhelming and her head suddenly felt thicker from the horrible substance still in her body. Everything went blurry, but she didn’t care. She ran for the door and slipped away. It was like an underground maze, where was she? She lumbered from wall to wall, door to door but still no exit. Then a window was open just big enough for someone to lumber through maybe a little bit too small but not for someone desperate too escape, she ran faster towards it hearing lots of footsteps. She climbed up the wall and through the window; she was nearly through when she felt a tug on her ankle. She kicked out with most of her remaining energy but with little success she connected heftily with someone’s face but fell and tumbled down the hill right outside of the castle. She kept tumbling until she suddenly felt cold hard water engulfing her entirely. Thick with pollution, she couldn’t see 2inches in front of her. She wanted to crawl out and climb back up to the castle but she couldn’t, she heard voices coming closer down the hill.


She banged her head against a rock and fell back a few metres but then continued to swim against the tide. She heard more splashes in  the mote and she swam even harder. Finally she came in to contact with land, she spluttered for a few seconds and then ran with all her might to the enchanted forest that she walked through every morning to feed the ducklings.

She went over too the lake and the little ducklings popped up from the water and said “So what have you got for us today? More CRUSTS? Uh, oh, what’s wrong?”

“Prince. Capture me. He want bride. Imprisoned. Escaped. More. Coming. Please. Help.” She gasped between spluttered breaths.

“Oh, err, sure.” He said with a sneaky look in his eye. “Come hide in the water with my brothers and sisters.”

Leanna obeyed without arguing. The little duckling lead her deeper into the water and muttered a few magical words through his beak. Then Leanna began to change, more and more she grew smaller and smaller. Then feathers sprouted from her arms and her mouth grew longer to turn into a beak. Soon she was a grey little duckling.

“Ha! It worked! You are now one of us welcome to the quack pack.”

And that’s how the Ugly Little Duckling Story started.




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