Potions with Horace Slughorn and Lily Potter

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A short story I've been meaning to write for a while. Finally got it down. Just a story about Lily Potter and Horace Slughorn. He'd probably be dead by then, but still. They just have a little shock.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011




Lily Potter was sat in her usual spot in Potions. Second row, third seat from the right. Her friends gathered in a circle around her.

She had been told a rumour about an old potions teacher coming to teach them today as their usual teacher had been put into the hospital wing for a couple of days.

Lily was just sat, happy and laughing, when the new, old, teacher came into the room. He looked troubled. But once he had turned around, he stood, staring at Lily.

Horace Slughorn had not taught a class in twenty years. Why now? Well, simple answer. No other teachers yet to take over, and the classes this day had quite difficult potions and they needed and experienced potions teacher to help them.

Slughorn put his bag under the table and turned around to see his third class of the day. He had already taught the young, Albus Potter. He looked more like Harry than his grandparents, but none the less. Albus was and alright student, but Rose Weasley was more like her mother. A more exceptional potions student. Scorpius Malfoy too. Slughorn had been told rumours about that fifth year couple.

Slughorn stopped dead when he turned around. He was staring at a girl. She was sat in the second row. Third seat from the right. She looked, excactly like his past pupil, Lily Evans.

Oh dear, had she come back to haunt him for giving her grandson, Albus, a detention for blowing up his potion when it wasn’t supposed to? It was only to clean it up. He’d finished it within seconds with his magic once he’d told him the spell.

But, if it was, wouldn’t James be more likely to come back. Anyway, Lily hadn’t become a ghost, so why appear now.

‘Back to the lesson Horace’ he told himself.

“Now, does anyone know what potion you will be making today?” he asked the class. Only one hand was up.



Oh, merlin, it is Lily.

“We’re making a laughing potion.”

“Good goo. yes. Does anyone know the ingredient for such a potion?” Slughorn asked.

Again, only Lily up her hand up.

“Yes, Miss…?”

“Potter. Lily Potter. I’ve said that. The ingredients needed are…” and she continued with the list of the ingredients, perfectly.

Just like Lily Evans, but she was Potter. Maybe, Harry’s girl? Albus did mention his sister. Never that she looked so much like her grandmother.

“Yes, very good miss Potter. I’ll just write it up then you can all start.” Slughorn finished.


“Professor, I’ve finished.” said Lily, ten minutes later.

“What? But everyone else is still working.”

“I’ve finished.”

“Miss Potter, come back at the end of class. Now, well this is an exceptionally made potion! Now, go and help your classmates if they need help.” Slughorn said.

Lily walked away, slightly frightened, also praised.



“Yes, in here.”

Slughorn was staring up at his wall of the students he’d been impressed by over his years of teaching.

“Have you ever been told you’re good at potions?” Slughorn asked. Lily blushed.

“A few times.”

“Has your father ever said you look much like your grandmother?”

“Oh, no. But Professor McGonagall has.”

“Come here.”

Slughorn reached for her hand, and pulled her forward. He pointed up to a picture of Lily Evans and Severus Snape.

“That’s…” Lily started.

“Severus Snape, the man of your brothers namesake,. Also Lily Evans, your grandmother.” Slughorn said.

Lily gasped, and reached up to take the photo of a moving Lily and Severus.

“I-I look just like her. Wow.” Lily said, as she reached up to stroke her hair.

“W-why did you ask me to come?” Lily asked once she’d put the picture back.

“You looked frightened when I saw you earlier. I thought I should apologise, and explain. Lily was one of my favourite students. Exceptional at potions, like you. Sorry, but thank you.” Slughorn said. “Keep the picture.”

“Really? Thanks.”

Lily reached back up to take the photo. She was just about to leave the room.

“And Lily?”

“Yes Professor?”

“You’ll make an amazing Potter.”

Lily blushed.


“You make me proud, as you’d make your grandmother proud.”

“She makes her mum and dad proud!” shouted a voice from outside the room.

“Sorry Professor. That was Hugo.” Lily said.

“Yeah, and I’m hungry!” Hugo complained.

Slughorn chuckled.

“Go, remember what I’ve said. I hope to meet you again sometime.” Slughorn said.

“I hope so too Professor.”

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