Slytherin Green

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A story for Albus, about a little Slytherin. None of the characters or places are mine, only the 'small girl' and other made up characters I thought of like the captain's namesake. Not how I planned it to turn out. More like she's another girl with special powers, not my best, but hey, you might want to read it. Might not be what you think it will be, just warning you.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




Albus Potter, didn’t always notice things. He didn’t notice little details like Rose did. He usually missed a funny joke, unlike James. Albus was day-dreaming most of the time. Thinking about this, worrying about that. He hardly noticed things.


First day - He never noticed a small girl, hardly 4ft 5, walking up to the hat. He never saw the quiet conversation between her and the hat, then being sorted into Slytherin. He never noticed this; because he was too busy getting over his sorting into Gryffindor. None of his family noticed either. And Rose was too busy worrying herself.

First year - He never noticed this small girl in his potions class. Sitting away from the other Slytherins, and not joining in whenever they sniggered at Rose. She was taking quiet notes, nobody noticed her. He didn’t notice her passing him, almost touching hands when they were grabbing their ingredients. He didn’t notice a certain rise of temperature as her hand go close to his.

Second year – He never noticed James’ gentlemanly behaviour on the Quidditch pitch. He never could quite work out why Gryffindor lost to Slytherin. He was too busy, looking out for bludgers. People may have noticed her, but then James stole the snitch off of her. Gryffindor won. Though James did nearly fall off of his broom.

Third year – He never saw the only Slytherin in the room that first day of History of Magic. Her notebook open, drawing pictures. He didn’t notice her, not at all.

Fourth year – He didn’t notice her in Care of Magical Creatures. She was the only one to approach the animals. The only one not to get burned by the Blast Ended Skrewts. He was too busy day-dreaming.

Fifth year – She was the first finishing her OWLs. He didn’t notice her push past him and his two best friends, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. They were too busy laughing at something.

Sixth year – The year all the classes were jumbled up. He didn’t notice she was the only girl, not interested in the love potion. She had even melted her potion. No one, melts their cauldron in NEWT level potions. Though he didn’t notice, Rose was convinced he was day-dreaming again.

Seventh year – the year, everything fell out of place.


Albus and Scorpius came down from the Boys dormitory to search for Rose. She had stayed back on the Quidditch pitch, with almost everybody else. Gryffindor had won the house cup. Only just. Their new Seeker, Lily Potter, never caught the pitch, thanks to her. Yet Gryffindor were still far ahead, they won anyway.

“So, where’s that witch got to?” asked Scorpius.

“Still at the pitch?” Albus asked.

“Got to try, haven’t we?” Scorpius replied, as they headed out the common room. They stopped outside the Great Hall. There was an argument amongst the Slytherin team.

“If you had just caught the snitch, ten minutes earlier…. we could have won!” shouted the Slytherin Captain. He was shouting at a small girl, only 5 foot, leaning against her broom. She stayed silent with her head down, her eyes flickering everywhere, not staying in the same place for too long. Neither Scorpius nor Albus could see her face, but both were sure she would be red from embarrassment and fright.

“Give her a rest Micheal.” one of the Chasers said.

“Why? You could have scored more points too.” said the Captain.

“We tried, those bloody bludgers that you never tried to hit away kept flying at us.” said another chaser. Both Scorpius and Albus, silently hi-fives with their index fingers.

“I blame you.” said the captain to this small girl. She lifted her head and the temperature rose around the area.

“Why?” asked the other beater.

“I never wanted her on this team. She’s a mudblood. Only you guys encouraged me to give her a chance. Not again.” the captain said. She quickly lowered her head and started muttering to herself.

Scorpius, Albus and the rest of the Slytherin team gasped.

“In Slytherin?” The pair whispered to each other.

“How can you say that?” asked the first chaser.

“She’s, a, mud-blood.” he repeated.

Both Scorpius and Albus reached for their wands, but they were too late. The small girl had dropped her broom. It fell to the floor with a clunk, and the captain turned around, with a sharp inhale. The small girl had her wand at his chin, pointing it threateningly. The captain looked a bit scared. The girl had a vicious look in her eye that the pair of boys couldn’t see.

“You wouldn’t hurt me.” the captain smirked.

The girl seemed to lengthen, and cowered over the captain, his back in an awkward arch backwards with the strength the girl had on him with her wand. She pulled her wand back, it gave a small spark. The girl flicked her wand back up his chin and twisted in in her wrist to put it back in her pocket.

She turned to leave, back to the pitch. She saw both Scorpius and Albus. She stopped abruptly. She had no tears, no red face, no fright in her eyes, unlike the boys thought she would. They, were scared of the captain when he shouted at her. This small girl turned back and walked hurriedly to the Slytherin common room.

Once she was gone from sight, everyone let out a breath, that they didn’t know they were holding. The captain looked angry, and followed her into the dungeons. The team slowly followed.

Both Scorpius and Albus looked to each other. They jumped when someone tapped on their shoulders. Both reaching for their wands, until Rose put her hands up.

“Good Godric, you weren’t supposed to react like that.” Rose smirked.

“Melin, Rose, you scared us.” Albus said.

“You’ve got to know what just happened.” Scorpius said, linking his arm around Rose and dragging her in the direction of the common-room. Albus linked his arm on the other side of Rose.


At eleven o’clock that night, Albus was walking around the school. It was not okay, if the prefects or teachers catch him, he’d be in big trouble. They’re not going to though, because he had the cloak. Lily now has the map, but he doesn’t need it anymore.

He walked down the stairs, being careful for when they change. He’d learned most of the patterns, how long the stairs stay in the place they’re in, that sort of thing. He’s learned the sequence of which teachers would be on duty at the moment. Either Professor Longbottom, head of Hufflepuff, of Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor. He has an excuse though, if he was to get caught, which he won’t.

It was early June, summer, but it was warm today. Warmer than most summer’s in England that is. So Albus went to the owlery. He didn’t expect to see anyone else there, but he did. He walked up the ladder to the top. There was a small girl, sat at the top of the Owlery with her back to any intruders, so she could stare out the window. She wasn’t, her head was down.

She had kicked off her shoes, as small black pumps were slumped in the corner. She had tanned legs, tucked calmly at her side. She had leant on the wall with her side. Her dark green cloak displayed behind her, the hood down. Her visible arm was twitching a bit. 

As Albus slowly got up from the ladder, it creaked. Her arm stopped moving. Then continued as she slightly shook her head. Albus slowly walked over. She had a small black skirt on. A notepad in one hand, a pencil (Muggle?) in the other. On the paper was a detailed drawing of the castle. The shadows were well drawn, making it look real, just black and white.

Albus exhaled deeply and she stopped again. Albus put his hand on her shoulder and leaned in to her ear.

“Keep going. It looks amazing.” he said softly.

She stayed still for a second, and then finished her drawing. She finished with a swirly signature in the corner. She was about to put her pencil back into her pocket.

“Olivia.” Albus breathed.

She stopped her hand again, then continued. She flipped over to the front of the pad, showing glances of some other drawings.

“Wait, go back a second.” Albus asked.

She ignored him and tucked the pad under her arm and into her shoulder bag that was hidden from view before. She gave him a curtsy whilst nodding her head before leaving to go down.

“Wait.” said Albus just as she went out of view.

“Stay.” he asked to nothing. Albus sighed.

She popped her head back up. She had a small smile on her head as she put her arms on the ledge. She nodded her head.

“Why were you here?” Albus asked.

She tilted her head and raised her eyebrow at Albus.

“Why won’t you speak?” Albus asked.

She shrugged.

“Keep me company.” Albus asked.

She lifted herself up and sat where she was sat before. Albus sat behind her.

“The castle looks amazing tonight.” he said. No reply.

“I loved your drawing.” he complimented. No reply, but she smiled.

“Can I see more?” he asked.

She thought for a minute, then shook her head. She reached into her pocket and took out a magic cartoon. It had James and her flying after the snitch. It had Albus flying up, stopping, batting a bludger away, smirking, then flying off. Real Albus gave a grin. You could still see the Seekers. The snitch went round the goalposts, so both seekers followed. You saw Rose stopping a goal and flinging it back across the pitch. The snitch flew round the length of the pitch, Roxanne Weasley coming into view, pulling a funny face as she flew past. Then you saw James only inches away from the snitch. Another, smaller hand came into view. James pulled back and the smaller hand grabbed the snitch. She rose her hand into the air. Nobody noticed her. Her face fell and she dropped the snitch. James caught it from below her, and soared into the middle of the pitch. The game had been won. By Gryffindor.

Albus looked at Olivia. Her face was filled with sadness as she looked out the gap as the window. Olivia looked to Albus as he gave it back. Olivia reached into her pocket again and pulled out a drawing.

It was of Albus and Scorpius looking grumpy as Rose and her stroked a Unicorn. Hagrid grinning like mad in the back. It wasn’t moving, but it was one of her drawings. Albus saw her signature in the corner of the page.

“Can I keep it?” Albus asked.

Olivia nodded.

“Why not.” she replied quietly.

“It’s yours.” Albus replied.

“Keep it. I have plenty more drawings.” Olivia said.

Albus had only then taken into account of what she had said. She spoke in a soft voice. It was sort of deep, for a girl, with a hum to her words.

“I saw how your captain treated you earlier.” Albus said.

Olivia snapped her head round to look at Albus. Olivia’s eyes were completely black. She opened her mouth to speak, but then she blinked and shook her head.

“Sorry.” she said. “That-that happens, sometimes. I’m n-not sure why. Sometimes, I-I can control it. Other times, other times I can’t.”

“That’s okay.” Albus shrugged. Olivia took a deep breath.

“No, Albus. No it’s not okay. That doesn’t just happen. I-I, I don’t want to say what happens. You’ll, leave and never talk to me again.” Olivia said.

“Can’t be that bad. James once got into a month’s detention. Dad went bonkers, that’s bad.” Albus said.

Olivia scoffed and shook her head, lowering it, then raising it again.

“I’ll use unnecessary magic. Spells I don’t even think are real. If anyone scares me, or hurts me, or has a go at me, or even asks me simple questions sometimes. It happens.” Olivia said.

“What kind of unnecessary magic?” Albus asked.

“Well, you know one time in third year Scorpius was in the Hospital Wing for a week after duelling club. Yeah. You know that one time Rose snapped at me. Her hair went blue. Yeah. That kind of thing.” Olivia said.

“Anger.” Albus said.

“No, it isn’t. Once in second year, Professor Longbottom asked me what these plants were. I just looked up, then the plants started screaming. Mandrakes they were. Everyone passed out, even Professor. That took a lot of explaining. It’s not funny. I can’t keep eye contact with anything for too long either.” Olivia said.

“Why are you telling me this?” Albus asked.

“I need to tell someone. Most of the time it ends up being your cousins who get hurt. They teased me, and irritated me for being in Slytherin. For being tiny. For being alone.” Olivia whispered.

“I’m sorry, I never knew.” Albus said.

“My drawings help. Let’s me review stuff that’s happened, sometimes I can draw what I wanted to happen, events wise. I can also Apparate in areas people can’t. Like elves. I’ll drop you back off at the Gryffindor Common room if you like?” she asked.

“Why not.” he said.

She took his hand, and he looked at her. A second later they were stood up outside the common room. He went inside, and held the door open.

“Come in.” he said.

Olivia shook her head. But Albus grabbed her hand and pulled her in. Once Albus had gotten her inside, he felt a burning in his hand.

“Droobles.” he muttered sharply as he let go. His hand had a small red mark line, like a slash, from the base of his thumb to the other side of his palm.

“Sorry.” she muttered.

“Hey Albus.” Rose said and she bounced over.

She looked at Olivia and stared down at her. Olivia lowered her head. She knew her pupils were taking over, if she let that happen. Her pupils would be her eye, and she could be dangerous. Rose had scared her, embarrassed her by staring at her.

“Olivia, meet Rose.” Albus said.

Rose jumped back into bouncy mode and held out her hand. Olivia carefully took it and shook it. She tried to let go, but Rose kept her hold and pulled Olivia to her.

“Wow, your hands are cold. Or I’m just hot. We’ve been having a party.” Rose said, way too quickly. Olivia still manages to hear every word.

“Or I’m always cold. And the party’s obvious.” Olivia muttered. Nobody heard.

“Albus come here. For some reason, we’ve been doing muggle arm wrestling to see how strong the boy’s are. Scorpius is next.” Rose said as she grabbed Albus’ hand and went through the crowd.

Now would have been a great time for a get-away for Olivia, but she was curious. Another fault for her as it usually ended with someone getting hurt.

“Another win for Collins. Who will beat him? Up next is Malfoy.” someone announced.

Scorpius cricked his next and shoulders as he sat down. Some girls swooned a bit whilst watching his muscles stretch. Girls, thought Albus and Olivia as they both rolled their eyes. He positioned his arm on the desk and stared at his opponent, who stared back. Collins grabbed his arm quite hard.

“On your marks, get set, go!” they announced.

Both boys were going for it. It took some time. A bead of sweat went down Collins forehead after a while. Scorpius took that as his chance. He slammed down his opponents hand.

“Oh, and a win for Malfoy. Too bad Collins. Who will take him on next?”

Olivia grinned. This was a game her muggle brothers played a lot at home. Olivia didn’t know it, but her favourite bother, Johnny, always won if she was watching. Yet, Johnny was three years younger and less fit.

“I will.” Albus said as he put his hand up.

The crowd gasped as Albus sat down. He placed his hand on the desk.

“I don’t want to hurt you?” jokes Scorpius.

“Put your arm on the table, pretty boy.” Albus smirked.

The crowd laughed, except for Olivia.

“One, two, three go!” someone said quickly.

Both boys rushed into the arm wrestle. Both were straining.

Someone came and blocked Olivia’s view. She raised her head to see. Once she could, she could only see their lower arm, wrist and hands.

Albus suddenly felt a power boost and he slammed Scorpius’ arm down onto the table. Both boys smirked as the crowd cheered.

“You win that one.” Scorpius said, giving Albus a soft punch in the shoulder.

“Potter wins! Who challenges him?”

No one said anything.

“Olivia, come on.” Albus called.

Olivia froze and everyone stared and turned to look in the direction he called. Olivia turned too.

“Olivia. I know you’re there.” Albus said, folding his arms.

Olivia took a deep breath. She walked over to Albus. People stared at her. Some scoffed in mock as she shed her cloak.

“She’s a girl. And she’s Slytherin. Easy win for Al.” some one said.

Olivia sat down, but didn’t put her arm onto the desk.

“I don’t want to.” Olivia stated.

“You’re going to, now take my arm.” Albus said.

“You, I don’t think you’ll win.” Olivia said as she slowly put her arm down. People scoffed at her upper arm which had hardly any muscle in it.

“Then, you win.” Albus said.

“I don’t want to.”

“If you win, I’ll stay instead.”


Olivia took Albus’ arm into a firm grip.

“I burn your hand, or hurt you, it’s your fault.” Olivia said.

“One two, one two three, go!” some one announced.

It took less than three seconds for Olivia to win as her pupils suddenly grew big then smaller once she let go. She quickly stood up and picked up her cloak.

“Woah! Not fair, retry.” Albus said. Olivia sighed.

“If you wish. I’ll give you a head start.”


Olivia waited till Albus moved his arm, she held her arm strong. Albus was stronger this time. Olivia had to work. Albus kept on inching their arms further to the desk.

“Win, if you want.” Albus said.

That was all it took for Olivia’s pupils to grow, and for her to win.

“I’ve got to get back.” Olivia said.

“Olivia wins against Potter. Who wants a go?”

“Not me.” Olivia said.

“No fun.”

“Not if I have to cheat because people egg me on.” Olivia muttered.

She picked up her cloak and left before anyone saw where she went.


Actually, Olivia preferred to be silent and not noticed.


The next day in potions, people cheered Olivia. Until Albus told them to stop. So by the time it got to potions, it was starting to feel like a normal day for her.

Until she saw Albus in potions. He came and sat with Scorpius and Rose in the row in front of her. They had about five minutes till the class starts. Olivia grabbed her notepad and started scribbling a drawing of the back of Albus’ head, also Scorpius and Rose. Very romantic right? But the fact was, at the angle she was, she could see the side of his face. His features, the corner of his eye, that sort of thing.

After some time, Albus leaned back. He had his hands on the back of his head.

“Hey Liv.” he said.

“Turn back, don’t call me that.” she said.

He lifted his hands and flopped forwards. Damn, his hairstyles different now. Olivia thought. She continued drawing. She had just finished, signed her name then poked Albus in the shoulder.

“What?” he asked.

“Sign this, there.” Olivia said, she had another book covering the picture though.

“Alright.” he said, took her pencil and signed his name.

“You too Scorpius, and Rose.” Olivia smiled.

They signed their names and Olivia smiled as she put the notepad into her bag.

“Let me see.” Albus said.

“Good afternoon.” said the Professor.


Olivia was sat in the library, in quite a noisy area. Albus, Scorpius and Rose came in.

“I just want to get a book from the restricted section.” Rose said.

“Hey Olivia.” Albus said.

“Hey.” Scorpius said. Olivia dropped her book.

“So. Um, can we see the drawing you did yesterday?” Albus asked.

Olivia put her book back into her bag and carefully got out her notepad. She started turning the pages, when Scorpius grabbed it off her and ran. Albus ran after him. They ran to the Gryffindor common room, and stopped running.

“Have a look, these are pretty good.” Scorpius said, handing it to Albus.

Albus had a look through. There were drawings of, the castle from different points, the courtyards, some of Hagrids animals, and some of the forest. Even some of the teachers with their signatures at the corner of the page too. Each picture was signed by Olivia. Almost at the end of the notepad, he turned over another page and saw the picture of three people. The backs of their heads. Somehow, Olivia manages to change the colour of the pencil. One boys hair was a silvery white. Another girl had wild red hair. The last boy had black hair. He had his head turned to the side, and you could see his eye and nose shape. It was Albus, with Scorpius and Rose. Their signatures were even at the bottom of the page.

“My favourite.” said Olivia, standing next to Rose. Albus handed the notepad to Rose who immediately saw the drawing.

“Wow, Olivia these are amazing. You have a really good eye.” Rose said.

“No, don’t. I-I, never mind.” Olivia stuttered.

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