Spells Practise

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Albus learns the proper stance to perform spells. I got the idea from another off fanfiction.net. Not really an idea, but an idea in progress.

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



He was stood in front of me with his wand in his right hand. He looked down at me, crouched in front of him. I adjusted his leg and he nearly fell on top of me.

“Is this really nessassary?” Albus asked.

“Of course. You asked me to help you with your spells.” I replied and I poked the back of his other knee.

“Well, I feel a bit. Um.” he started.

“Uncomfortable?” I said as I turned out his foot.

“Vulnerable, actually.” he said. I scoffed at him and stood up.

“Like I’d try anything.” I said. “Lift your arms.”

I moved his arm. Then pushed it. It moved back and swung forward.

“Keep a strong hold, otherwise it’ll be easy to crumble.” I instructed as I moved his face and chest.

“Got it.” Albus said. A grin appeared on his face. I slapped him. I walked around him once. Screwed up my face with thought, then stood behind him. I grabbed his hips and moved then slightly.

“Better. Now aim for the target.” I said as the target appeared in front of up.

I was sure my hair might have been tickling him as he struck. He missed entirely.

“Thanks.” he muttered.

“Try again. Move your hips with the way you’re going too.” I called as I stood back.

He sent another spell, and it landed spot on target.

“Yes!” he hissed and jumped in the air.

I leant back against a table as he ran around the room in triumph. When he stopped he looked at me. I quickly sent a hex at him and he narrowly dodged it.

“Was that deliberate or too slow?” I sneered.

“I can’t.” he muttered.

“That’s next then.” I said as I stood upright and walked around him as he made himself movable again.

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