What about Dominique?

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A short story about Dom with her family during christmas eve. It's christmas eve tomorow see, so I'm just getting in the mood.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011




It was Christmas Eve at the Burrow, and I was sat with my cousins and brother. Vic and Teddy were probably in the cupboard doing, whatnot, but I’ll never know. I’m 16, and I’m stuck with my cousins, the youngest is ten.

“Domi, can you come ‘ere please?” called my mum from the kitchen. Thank Merlin.

“Coming, be back later guys.” I said.

I walked into the kitchen to see all the mothers cooking.

“What a surprise.” I muttered.

“Domi, merci, can you stir the soup?” mum asked.

“Sure.” I said as I went over to the huge tin thing over the cooker.

“Fleur, we’re witches, can’t you just use magic?” said Aunt Herm.

“Oh, no. I don’t mind. Honestly, it’s just good to be away from my cousins. No offence.” I said.

“None taken. We understand more than you do.” Aunt Ginny said.

See, that’s how it goes. I’ll just stick around with the adults whenever Vic and Teddy go and do their ‘business’. Usually I stick around my Aunts and mum, rather than the males.

Uncle Ron appeared from the other room and bent over Aunt Herm’s shoulder.

“Looking good.” he said.

“I’m cutting carrots?” she replied.

“I didn’t mean the food.” he said, smirked.

“Hey, smells nice.” Dad said as he appeared over my shoulder.

“Oh, thanks.” I replied, with a shy smile on my face.

One way to get compliments from dad. Whenever we’re cooking, the males usually compliment the females. Dad, nor does Harry or Percy, leave me out. George will usually see what they’re doing and make a snarky comment, earning him a punch from me, and a hex from Teddy.

Teddy is also very protective of me and Vic, and Lily. We’re his darlings. Though Vic’s his sweetheart. Vic’s working on becoming a healer at the moment, even though she hasn’t had school for half a year. Teddy works as an Auror, even at 20 he’s really good.

“Move, move, James is coming!” my brother shouted as he ran into the kitchen.

“I’m gonna get you!” James shouted from the living room.

We all spun round to see that Louis had gotten to the other side of the kitchen when James and Fred appeared from Louis’ first direction. Molly went round the other side and stood in front of Louis.

“Guys?” she said.

“Boys?” asked Aunt Ginny.

“He started it!” both Fred and James pointed to Louis.

“I only said Kira liked you!” Louis said. Molly elbowed Louis in the chest.

Sacrebleu!” Louis gasped.

Molly’s elbows hurt. I slammed the stirring spoon on the table, on a cloth, making a loud thud. Everyone jumped except me. I put my hands on my hips.

“Louis, no bad language.” I said.

“I didn’t swear!” he said.

“I know that, but they don’t.” I said as I pointed to a smirking James and Fred.

“And you?” I said to James and Fred sternly.

“Um, well. Sorry Louis.” James said.

“Sorry James.” Louis said.

“That’s better.” I said as the four of them ran back into the living room.

I turned around and continued to stir the soup.

“Arghh!” I said to myself.

“Nice way to handle it.” Uncle George joked.

I aimed a kick at him, but Charlie put his leg in the way to block me. I aimed a punch at him, but he ducked. I aimed a swish kick. He jumped and I fell onto the floor with an “oof”. The adults chuckled.

“Yeah yeah. Laugh at me for falling over.” I growled.

Charlie put his hand out and I took it to help me up.

“Thanks.” I said.

“No prob. You’re tense.” he said.

“No duh.” I said as I stirred the soup.

Charlie put his hands on my shoulders and gave my shoulders a massage. I purred as he did so. I’ve gotten tense a lot recently, and Charlie does his massages quite hard, just how I like it.

“Thanks.” I gasped as he stopped.

“No prob. Oh yeah, feel free to use me as a punching bag. I can just block and punch back.” he joked.

“Nah, I use Uncle George for that. He deserves it too.” I said.

George gave an “Oi!” and Aunt Angel chuckled softly.

“I agree with that.” Ron said.

“So, what did we miss?” Said Teddy walking in with his arm around Vic’s shoulder.

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