What about Roxanne Weasley?

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A short story of Roxanne Weasley. I feel she might have been left out. All her cousins before her, and not noticed because they get to attention and praise. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! THEY BELONG TO THE WONDERFUL J.K ROWLING! I THANK HER FOR HER AMAZING WORK ON THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS AND HOPE SHE STARTS ON THE PREVIOUS GENERATION AND THE NEW GENERATION. I'M SURE MANY OTHER PEOPLE DO TOO!

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



Roxanne Weasley was walking to herbology. Some sent a jinx that made her bag split, her books falling onto the floor. Rox cursed it, then bent down to reach her books. A pair of shoes came into Rox's eyesight, then the lower leg bent further to the floor. A female hand reached down and grabbed the last book.

"Thanks Rose." Rox said.

"It's ok. How are you doing? Liking Hogwarts so far?" asked Rose, Rox's second year cousin.

"Yeah, be better when Lily comes next year though." Rox answered.

Lily, Rox, Molly and Lucy were the mauraders of their generation. After Lily found her grandfathers map in her fathers study, she gave it to Molly to use when she started first. Lucy and Rox came up a year later, so they decided to work together to find the secrets of this castle. Lily has to wair until next year to come to Hogwarts though, very annoying for the four of them. Lily also found out James stole their fathers cloak, and she intends to get it when she comes. They have to work with Lily, they can't do anything without her.

"Yeah, I guess. Hey, you seen your brother? I can't find him anywhere and potions starts in two minutes. I was supposed to give him his quill back, I borrowed it last night." asked Rose.

"No idea. He's supposed to be keeping an eye on me, not the other way around. See you, I got to get to Herbology." Rox said.

Rox made her way to the herbology classroom. Her 'uncle' neville was teaching. He wasn't really her uncle, but Rox's uncle's friend. Professor Longbottom was a great friend and hero during the time of the wizard war 20 years ago. Professor Longbottom often told them stories about their adventures during that time. Rox didn't know much about what happened, but she knew her dad's twin died, so they were careful not to bring up the subject.

Rox never got as much attention as her cousins. Victoire, being the eldest and part Veela got a lot of attention. Dominique and Louis too. Louis got the girls attention because he was a guy, and still part Veela. Fred and James got their share of attention. James, because his father is 'the boy who lived', and Fred because he was James best friend and cousin, and still a Weasley. Also because his father was half of the twin greatest pranksters Hogwarts has ever known. Molly didn't get much attention, though she had a good reputation as her father was head boy and got twelve O.W.L's. Rose, of course got her share of attention because she was the daughter of 2 third of the Golden Trio. The savious of the Wizard world. Albus, again got as much attention James got, he was too a son of 'the boy who lived'. Lucy came up with her father good reputation like Molly. But Rox, her dad was one of the best prankers Hogwarts has seen, but after Fred they didn't care about her. Not many people even recognised her as a Weasley, because she had her mothers dark skin and darker red hair. Rox was almost a nobody compared to her family. At least Teddy cared for her, but he also cared for the other Weasleys, they were his family as much as anything. Uncle Harry even considered adopting him last year.

When Rox got to Herbology, she went and sat next to Lucy. Some people were looking at them, the Slytherins with digust.

"Not more Weasleys. So who's your father?" someone asked.

"Percy." Lucy said.

"George." Rox answered.

"Who? George, one of the greatest pranksters Hogwarts has ever known? Are you going to follow in his footsteps?" they asked.

"Yes, and no. I will be a prankster, with the help of my three cousins (she winked at Lucy), but I'm not going to do the same things he did." Rox answered.

"Can't wait to see what you some up with." they said.

Rox blushed. She felt praised. Now she had work to do.

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