What about Victoire - Before the train in DH epilogue

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This time not my favourite. Wanted to do Victoire better, but could only think about doing the time before the train journey, when James interrupted them. This is this short snippit. Will probs do Vic again though sometime. This is also the shortest one of these I've done so far.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011




I was trying, not succeeding, to get my case into the train’s luggage compartment. It was, just, too, heavy.

“Need some help?” said my overconfident sister.

“No thank you. I can do this myself.” I said.

“You sure?” she said.

“Absolutely.” I replied.

“Aw, there’s no point in me being here then.” said a male voice from behind me. I could recognise that voice anywhere.

“Teddy!” I squealed as I turned around, my case dropping to the floor and landing on my foot. Smooth.

“Come here.” Teddy said as he easily picked up the case and shoved it in the train.

“Thanks. I guess I did need some help.” I said, blushing.

“Your foot okay?” Teddy asked, pointing to my acheing foot.

“Oh, yeah. It’ll be fine. Just need to keep off of it for a bit when I’m on the train.” I said. Oh yeah, duh! Stop being so dumb Vic!

“Come here.” Teddy said.

He pulled me in for a hug.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“Your last year. Last time I’ll have to wait for you to come home for Christmas and the holidays.” he replied.

“I’ll see you then, then.” I said.

Teddy pulled me in and kissed me square on the lips. It was warm. I put my hands around his neck, his turquoise hair tickling my fingers. I smirked into our lips. I felt some one tapping my shoulder. Teddy had noticed it too as we stopped and looked down my left.

“What you doing?” James asked, rocking on his heels with his hands in his pocket.

“What’s it to you?” Teddy snapped.

“Bye bye.” James said quickly as he shot off through the crowd.

Both Teddy and I chuckled, and then resumed kissing. Only until I heard the train let off some steam did I realise.

“Uncle Harry’ll kill you!” I warned.

“I don’t care.” Teddy said.

He bent forward again but I turned my face.

“I want my boyfriend to be alive when I get back.” I said.

I gave him a peck on the cheek, and then hopped onto the train. I sat in my usual compartment with Dom. I was fantasising, twirling a strand of my strawberry blonde hair in my fingers.

“Go well then?” Dom asked.

“Amazing.” I replied.

I looked over into the window to see my dad giving Teddy ‘the rant’. I chuckled to myself. Poor Teddy, he’s done a bad thing, going for a girl with a huge family full of protection.

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