The Tale of Erana

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a short little peace that is kind of a myth and is meant to be part of a big tale on vampires

Submitted: August 04, 2009

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Submitted: August 04, 2009



The Tale of Erana: 
Under the sun, a pun the heated waves of ocean collapsing against hard rocks and sand.
As the light of a fire ball becomes deem only to be replaced by another.
 Multiple lights that are stars in the sky. No ending it is a beginning.
A tall figure comes out of the shadows, and takes a walk on the beach, feet bare across the land, she is clad in dark - not clothes but ornaments. She walks slowly until she reaches the rocks and just then her face is lit with pure light as silver as moon as bright as a flame. 
Her face is pale long radiant and smooth long looming eyesalmond shaped and green.
Small mouth open slightly as to receive the night’s cool breeze, and long fingers reaching towards the sky lips murmuring, shouting, whispering words of birth. And a name spoken with love and delight:
 “Erana Erana ...” 
As nights sky is shadowed with greater darkness then a mere lonely mortal can consume, it is suddenly lightened with vivid colors of scarlet and gold.
The waters of the ocean shine like pearls and a heart aching song sings unknown words that lure the evil to step back and invite the light to take over.
She comes.
Stepping out of the water out of the blue –she is born.
The dark figure steps back crying out in defeat as the light clad believer takes over.
Comes day.
 Night is over. 
Quite waves and fresh air gently sweep the sand away.

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