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This is a brief story of my life

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




Leen was the third daughter of Roger. Ever since she was a child, she always had a boy cut hair. She did’nt mind cause she was still young and just wanted to play around. Her dad wanted to go out with her always and have a short trip to quiapo. They loved to eat in mamun-luk and have a bunch of big siopao and siomai. Of course, it is also the place where they can buy electronic pieces because Roger was an electronic technician.  As years passed, Leen began to want a long hair for herself. “Why is it that my two older sisters can have a long beautiful hair while I still can’t”,she said to herself.  One day, her aunt brought her to salon and told that it is time to have a hair trim. Leen insisted that she already wants to have a long hair. She cried that day and her Aunt had to buy pizza to keep her calm and be obedient. At the end of the day, Leen looked at herself in the mirror with a very short cut hair. Her mother, Sonia said “Is’nt it nice? You are not allowed to have a long hair coz you are still young while your older sisters can cause they can already manage it”.

As times go by, Leen already wants to wear dresses. Her grandmother and neighbors were so glad and told her that she looks beautiful with that dress. She was just confounded with the adverse reaction of her father, mother and grandfather. She just could’nt get it! Until she got in college, her mother explained to her what really had happened.

Roger was a typical young husband who wants to have a son. Since his wife Sonia already bear two daughters, the third one was his only hope for his once in a lifetime dream…hekhek! Sonia said, “It would definitely be a baby boy coz it kicks brawny. But after this, it is time for me to have a ligation. You have already 2 daughters and a son”. From that moment, Roger already believed that he had finally a son.

Soon, the time has come for the baby to come out. When Roger found out that Sonia was already giving birth, he hurriedly went to the hospital and patiently waited for the announcement.  “ Congratulations, Mr. Rogelio Espiritu! You have a bouncing BABY GIRL!” the nurse said. He felt like heaven and earth falls through him ( Pinagbagsakan ng langit at lupa..duh??!). Later he found out that Sonia was already done with the ligation process. He was so disappointed and just walked out after he signed the birth certificate of the poor little child Leen L. From that on, Roger convinced his self that Leen is the baby boy that he has been praying for.

“Ok, so that was the reason why you always wanted me to have a short hair” Leen said to her mother. She felt very bad after hearing the story about her father but at the same time joyous knowing the reason why his father has a special attention giving to her.



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