Your Choice Matters

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A man is not what he 'becomes'. He is what he 'chooses to evolve' into...

Submitted: October 10, 2010

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Submitted: October 10, 2010



Your Choice Matters..!


An absolute difficult task; In this world, so big & wide.

Should you wish to aspire high? On rocks you’ve got to ride..!


This world - an ace at swaying! Ace at attracting and alluring!

Discern well while you make a choice; for you’ll live your way to sing.


The world leads you with speed; with success quick, at once..!

However they last no longer… But your choice will find its stance..!

Your mind so fresh with faith, Faith in all you see…

Your choice is your only weapon to lead you to your destiny.


Your choice is what you live. It’s what you have and hold..!

It’s something with you forever. Though willing; it cannot be sold.


The world holds a picture; To you indeed so oblique…!

Wait, leap, discern and choose… All that in life you seek...!


Your choice will lead and guide. Your choice shall be your star...!

The world may show a million things; but, your ‘Choice’ is who you are.

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